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Southlake is a vibrant city known for great schools and a family-friendly environment. Unfortunately, allegations of criminal conduct don’t skip over even the nicest neighborhood. One of the most common charges to arise out of Southlake is driving while intoxicated, but like any other city, arrests occur for everything from theft to murder in Southlake. Regardless of the charge, the consequences of a criminal arrest can be devastating to a person’s educational or career goals.

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In Southlake, we are located at just north of 114 and Dove Road:

3120 Sabre Dr Suite 110, Southlake, TX 76092

Southlake Criminal

All the partners at our firm are former Tarrant County prosecutors and several also worked at the United States Attorney’s Office. This experience gives us insight into how the prosecution will approach your case and how to best navigate troubled waters. Our goal is far more than keeping a person out of jail or prison: we seek to avoid convictions and collateral consequences of convictions. We doing this by out-preparing the State, holding them to their burden, and proactively mitigating any damage caused by the alleged acts. Our years of experience have brought about some remarkable results, but every case is different and we are here to walk you through your individualized problem. We are the only firm in North Texas with four Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists, and six former state and federal prosecutors who have collectively tried over 500 jury trials and handled thousands more. Call us today to find out why we were named Top Attorneys by 360 West Magazine and to learn about how we can help you.

If you are facing a criminal accusation, call us immediately at (817) 203-2220.

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