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Varghese Summersett is a criminal defense firm made up of nationally recognized trial attorneys and former prosecutors who are comfortable providing legal commentary and speaking to the media. Our attorneys have a combined 120 years of experience in criminal law and are considered some the state’s best and brightest legal minds. We are frequently asked to weigh in on local or national stories as legal analysts, participate in news programs, or comment on cases. Here’s a look at Varghese Summersett in the news:

Jim Lane, Defense Attorney for Aaron Dean in Atatiana Jefferson Murder Trial, Dies
NBC5, November 28, 2022
Benson Varghese

Where Did Biden’s Pardon of Marijuana Charges Leave the Hundreds of Texas imprisoned
Dallas Morning News, October 26, 2022
Benson Varghese

Candidates for District Attorney on Nov. 8 Ballot
Fort Worth Star Telegram, October 23, 2022
Benson Varghese

Texas Attorney General Declines El Paso DA’s Request for Help in Walmart Shooting Case
El Paso Inc., October 20, 2022
Benson Varghese

Indian-born Lawyer Making His Mark in America’s Legal Industry
Entrepreneur India, August 16, 2022
Benson Varghese

What’s Next for Alex Jones after $49M Sandy Hook Verdict?
Associated Press, August 10, 2022
Benson Varghese

Alex Jones May Have Lied on Court, but Perjury Charge Would Be Unusual
Reuters, August 5, 2022
Benson Varghese

Texas Lab’s License Suspended After Probe Into Pennsylvania Sex Assault Case
NBC5, August 3, 2022
Christy Jack

State Forensic Science Panel Pulls Accreditation of Texas Lab after Finding Shoddy Work
Dallas Morning News, August 4, 2022
Christy Jack

Aaron Dean Trial Delayed Again After Attorneys Ask For Judge’s Recusal
WFAA8, June 13, 2022
Christy Jack

Aaron Dean Trial Delayed Again Amid Request for New Judge
CBS11, June 13, 2022
Benson Varghese

Trial Delayed for Ex-Fort Worth Cop Accused of Murdering Atatiana Jefferson
NBC5, June 13, 2022
Benson Varghese

Aaron Dean’s Defense Team Asks for Another Delay in Murder Trial
CBS 11, June 10, 2022
Benson Varghese

Retrial of Former Waco Daycare Owner Blamed for Infant’s Benadryl Overdose Death Postponed
KLTV7, May 5, 2022
Attorney Christy Jack

The Plot to Kill Jamie Faith
48 Hours, April 9, 2022
Attorney Christy Jack

Fort Worth Police Sergeant Accused of Destroying Evidence, Indicted on Tampering Charge
Fort Worth Star Telegram, April 1, 2022
Attorney Robert Huseman

Women Found Buried Under Fort Worth Home Sent Text Message for Help; Police Believe More Women were Victimized.
WFAA, Channel 8, March 3, 2022
Attorney Christy Jack

Trial Testimony Against Capitol Rioter Guy Reffit Begins
NBC 5, March 2, 2022
Attorney Benson Varghese

Father, Criminal Justice System Couldn’t Save Woman from Fort Worth Killer, Family Says
Fort Worth Star Telegram, March 1, 2022
Attorney Christy Jack

Attorney Upset with Tarrant County DA Sharen Wilson for Naming Judges She Felt Set Bonds Too Low
CBS 11, February 28, 2022
Attorney Benson Varghese

Aaron Dean Murder Trial Delayed Until May
NBCDFW Channel 5, December 15, 2021
Attorney Benson Varghese

Explainer: Why Move Trial of Aaron Dean in Death of Atatiana Jefferson?
Fort Worth Report, December 14, 2021
Attorney Benson Varghese

Arbery Jury Shows ‘System Can Work Even in Sensitive and Dramatic Cases’
Newsweek, November 24
Attorney Benson Varghese

Aaron Dean Trial Likely to be Delayed Due to Backlog of Cases in Tarrant County
Fort Worth Star-Telegram, November 2, 2021
Attorney Benson Varghese

Fort Worth Man Who Shot Texas State Trooper Won’t Face Charges
Fort Worth Star-Telegram, September 10, 2021
Attorney Robert Huseman

Fort Worth Man Who Shot Texas State Trooper Faces No Charges
NBCDFW Channel 5, September 7, 2021
Attorney Robert Huseman

How will legal the legal system look at group who stoned a gunman in Fort Worth? Experts weigh in
Fort Worth Star-Telegram, July 20, 2021
Attorney Benson Varghese

Jurors decline to indict Fort Worth man in October traffic death on Interstate 35
Fort Worth Star-Telegram, June 3, 2021
Attorneys Christy Jack and Letty Martinez

Tarrant County Defense Attorneys Want Investigation of Medical Examiner’s Office
NBCDFW, April 27, 2021
Attorney Benson Varghese

Tarrant County Defense Lawyers Call for Investigation into Medical Examiner
Fort Worth Business Press, April 27, 2021
Attorney Benson Varghese

Lawyers Demand Tarrant Medical Examiner Investigation after Mistakes in Homicide Cases
Star-Telegram, April 27, 2021
Attorney Benson Varghese

Doctor Accused of Groping, Harassing 22 Women Let Off Easy by Texas law, Critics Say
Star-Telegram, April 14, 2021
Attorneys Christy Jack and Letty Martinez

Suspended Tarrant County Coroner Made 59 Mistakes in 40 Death Investigations Examined in Audit
NBCDFW Channel 5, March 31, 2021
Attorneys Benson Varghese and Christy Jack

Audit finds Tarrant County Medical Examiner Botched More than 40 Autopsies
Fox 4, March 31, 2021
Attorney Benson Varghese

Tarrant County Deputy Medical Examiner to be fired after audit finds issues in more than two dozen cases
WFAA Channel 8, March 31, 2021
Attorney Christy Jack

Lawyer: Ex Police Chief who Knew Dallas Officer was Suspect in Slaying ‘Should have Suspended Him’
The Dallas Express, March 15, 2021
Attorney Christy Jack

Grand Jury Declines to Indict Hurst Homeowner for Killing Suspected Burglar in November
Fort Worth Star-Telegram, March 12, 2021
Attorney Christy Jack

→Deputy Medical Examiner Suspended from Performing Autopsies in Tarrant Murder Cases
NBCDFW Channel 5, March 1, 2021
Attorneys Christy Jack and Benson Varghese

→Waco Day Care Owner’s Retrial in Infant’s Death to Feature New Faces.
Waco Tribune Herald, January 29, 2021
Attorney Christy Jack

→Hurst Man Says He killed Burglar who Tried to Run Him Over. Cops Say it was Murder.
Fort Worth Star Telegram, December 9, 2020
Attorneys Christy Jack and Benson Varghese

→ Tarrant County DA Focuses Policies on Rehabilitation
KERA News, November 30, 2020
Attorney Benson Varghese

Watch Christy

→ Judgment with Ashleigh Banfield: TX v. Chante Mallard
Court TV, October 2020
Attorney Christy Jack and Media Relations Director Melody McDonald

→Former Day Care Owner’s Murder Case Takes Winding Road Back to McLennan County DA’s Office
Waco Herald Tribune, October 21, 2020
Attorney Christy Jack

→ In Texas, Facebook Fakes are No Joke: Police Accuse GOP Activist of Malicious Posts
Fort Worth Star Telegram, October 17, 2020
Attorney Anna Summersett

→ Fort Worth Physicians in $18 Million Pill Mill Fraud Lose Licenses
D Magazine, October 13, 2020
Attorney Benson Varghese

→ Doctors Among 49 People who Funneled Opioids in Texas Pill Mill, Authorities Allege
Fort Worth Star Telegram, October 3, 2020
Attorney Benson Varghese

Destruction After Protests Has Residents Concerned about Protecting Property
CBS 11, June 3, 2020
Attorney Benson Varghese

Man Accused of Kidnapping Fort Worth 8-year-old Facing Federal Charges
Fox 4, May 22, 2019
Attorney Benson Varghese

Benson on Fox 4


→ CBD Is Wildly Popular. Disputes Over Its Legality are a Growing Source of Tension.
The New York Times, May 6, 2019
Attorney Benson Varghese

→ Federal Prison in Fort Worth has 2nd Most Coronavirus Cases
CBS 11, April 29, 2020
Attorney Benson Varghese

→ Grand Jury No-Bills man Accused of Aggravated Sexual Assault
Weatherford Democrat, January 25, 2019
Attorney Benson Varghese

→ Does Tarrant County DA have different grand jury standard for suspects who are cops?
Star-Telegram, October 31, 2019
Op-Ed by Attorney Benson Varghese

→ Group Protesting Deadly Police Shooting Free After 2 Nights in Jail
CBS 11, September 18, 2018
Attorney Benson Varghese

→ TCU Overturns Suspensions for Some Students Accused of Using Quizlet App to Cheat
Dallas Morning News, May 14, 2018
Attorney Letty Martinez


Letty on the News

→ Attorney of TCU students accused of cheating turns up heat on school
Fox 4, May 10, 2018
Attorney Letty Martinez

→ Did a Texas Millionaire Get Away with a Brutal Double Murder?
Forty Eight Hours, January 23, 2018
Attorney Christy Jack

Man Arrested for Sex Assault at Southlake Restaurant No-Billed by Grand Jury
CBS 11, March 2, 2017
Attorney Christy Jack

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