Sexual assault allegations turn lives upside down. An allegation of sexual assault often results in a warrant being issued, an arrest, a felony case being filed, and bonding out of jail. All of this happens before you’ve even had an opportunity to defend yourself.  Notice that just an allegation – someone’s word without any additional proof – is enough to make all those things happen.

So it makes sense that if you are accused of any sexual allegation, you need top-notch criminal defense attorneys at your side, defending you and advising you at every turn.

Our goals as your sexual assault defense attorneys are threefold:

  1. avoid prison time,
  2. avoid a conviction, and
  3. resolve the case in a manner that allows for even the arrest record to be cleared or sealed.

Our Fort Worth sexual assault defense lawyers have been exceptionally successful at reaching these goals, but success starts with an understanding of what you are going through.

The moment you are accused of sexual assault, your life changes. Regardless of whether there is truth to any of the allegations, you are on the verge of being labeled a sex offender and you are facing serious time in the penitentiary.

False accusations are, unfortunately, made very often. Only a defense attorney experienced in sexual assault cases can guide you through the process that begins the moment an accusation is made. The accusation is followed by an investigation, the case being filed by the detective, the grand jury process, indictment, pre-trial settings and may ultimately end with a trial by jury.

Our lawyers are experienced at launching our own investigation and gathering evidence as soon as an allegation is made. Our legal team has experienced investigators who can unearth evidence usually only accessible to professionals who are experienced in investigating these types of matters.

Potential Defenses Against Charges

Our attorneys have decades of experience handling cases alleging sexual assault. Common sex crime defenses include:

  • The sex act was consensual
  • The defendant was married or dating the alleged victim
  • The victim mistook the defendant for someone else
  • The defendant has an alibi

Frequently Asked Questions about Fort Worth Sexual Assault Defense

The rules that apply to sexual offenses in Texas are found throughout the Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure. Some of the most common questions clients ask include:

  • What is the punishment range for this offense in Texas?
    Sexual assault is a second-degree felony punishable by two to 20 years in prison and up to a $10,ooo fine.
  • What is the Statute of Limitations? (How long can they wait before pressing charges)
    The statute of limitations is for sexual assault is 10 years. However, there is no statute of limitations in a number of circumstances, including if DNA was collected, if it involves serial sexual assault or sexual assault of a child.
  • Will I have to register as a Sex Offender under Texas law?
    If you are convicted of sexual assault, you will have to register as a sex offender.
  • Can I get probation for this charge?
    Yes, if you have never before been convicted of a felony in the state of Texas, a jury could recommend probation.

There are a number of sexual assault offenses in Texas. Most require registration as a sex offender if convicted. A staggering number of sexual assault offenses are filed each year. Here is a summary of sex cases that were filed in Tarrant County alone over a five-year period:

tarrant county sexual assault defense


How We Are Different

  • Individualized Attention: Our defense lawyers understand that clients who hire us are coming to us with the biggest problems in their lives, and we treat their problems with the care and attention warranted by the problem. We seek out the best outcomes by over-preparing, finding weaknesses in the State’s case, through careful negotiations and, when necessary, trial.
  • Exceptional Experience: We’ve handled hundreds of sexual assault charges. All of our senior lawyers are former prosecutors. We not only know the State’s playbook, in many cases we helped write it. We have over half a century of experience handling criminal cases, and we are ready to put our experience to work for you.
  • Proven Results: We know you have a lot of options to choose from. We hope the results and reviews of our lawyers speak for themselves. Recent Results.
  • Time is of the Essence: As former prosecutors, we know the best results go to the most proactive defense lawyers. Call us today or contact us online to find out how you can get started with our firm.

Common Sexual Assault Bond Conditions

Even though there is a presumption of innocence in any criminal case, once you are charged with a crime the court will place you on a set of bond conditions you must abide by if you wish to remain out of custody.

  • Defendant is subject to a child safety zone: The defendant may not supervise or participate in any program that includes as participants or recipients, persons who are 17 years of age or younger and that regularly provide athletic, civic or cultural activities; or go in, on, or within a distance specified by the judge of premises where children commonly gather, including, but not limited to, a school, day-care facility, playground, public or private youth center, public swimming pool, amusement park, recreation center, or video arcade facility. Specified distance is 1, 000 feet.
  • Do not supervise, accept any employment and/or participate in any program or volunteer activity that includes as participants or recipients persons who are 17 years of age or younger and that regularly provide athletic, civic, cultural, or other activities.
  • Defendant will not possess any printed, photographed, or recorded material that he/she may use for the purpose of his/her deviant sexual arousal. Nor shall the defendant frequent any place where such material is available for the purpose of deviant sexual arousal. The defendant shall not possess, acquire, obtain, retain or review journalistic, video, photographic, electronic, compact disc, computer generated or computer originated material, or material generated by an individual or material that is sent or received by the Internet, World Wide Web, text/photo messaging with a cellular device or electronic mail that is sexually oriented and/or portrays nudity of a child or of an adult.
  • Avoid any and all contact in any form or fashion with the victim and his or her family. Do not attempt to contact the victim or his or her family by writing, in person, by telephone, or any other harassing manner and do not employ any agents to act on your behalf in reference to contacting the victim or his or her family.
  • Defendant shall not reside in a home where persons who are 17 years of age or younger reside unless approved by the court.
  • Defendant shall have no contact, visitation, or personal association with any person 17 years of age or younger unless approved by the court. This includes, but is not limited to, contact by phone, writing, and/or in person.
  • Defendant will abide by a curfew by remaining in his/her place of residence between the hours of Midnight and 6:00 AM with the exception of medical emergencies or employment. If a medical emergency arises or employment conflicts with the curfew, the defendant is required to provide verification to the Court.
  • You shall be responsible for your appearance at all times. This includes the wearing of undergarments and clothing in places where another person may be expected to view you.
  • Defendant shall not hitchhike nor pick up hitchhikers.
  • Defendant shall not possess, install, and/or download any programs or software on his/her computer equipment that is intended to erase or delete internet and computer activities.
  • Defendant is prohibited from using the Internet or World Wide Web to access material that is obscene, access a commercial social networking site, communicate with another individual concerning sexual relations with an individual who is younger than 17 years of age, or communicate with another individual the defendant knows is younger than 17 years of age.
  • Install and activate at your own expense, a software program capable of tracking or blocking access to sexually explicit material on any personal computer in your residence or place of employment. Software must be approved by the Court.

Fort Worth Sexual Assault Defense: How Can We Help?

The sooner you call us the better. It is imperative to have a seasoned Fort Worth sexual assault defense lawyer in your corner. In a perfect world, you will call a defense lawyer before you call back a detective. A common ruse employed by detectives is for them to call you and invite you down to give “your side of the story” at a location like Alliance for Children. Make no mistake, while it is true that you will walk out of that meeting a free man or woman, understand that an arrest is imminent. It is crucially important to call an experienced sexual assault defense lawyer as soon as you can before or after a detective has contacted you. While avoiding an arrest may not be possible in every instance, there are instances where our defense lawyers have prevented arrests, negotiated self-surrenders, assisted in getting bonds, won the case at the grand jury level, and taken others to trial.

The road defending an allegation of sexual misconduct, rape, or any form of sexual misconduct can be a long one. If you have or live with children, expect their lives will be disrupted by CPS. During the investigative phase, it is essential to have a defense lawyer represent you before you even consider having a conversation with a detective or an investigator. If a case is filed, understand that you will have to abide by bond conditions even though you have not been found guilty of an offense. You will have to make a bond, which may be set extremely high. You may have to change your residence. All of this will be happening while you are working with us on the defense of your case. Our sexual assault defense lawyers are experienced in defending individuals throughout the process and are extremely skilled at taking cases to trial should the need arise. Come by our office and visit us to learn more about how we are different. We are the only criminal defense firm in Fort Worth with a mock courtroom where we prepare you for trial. Call us today to speak to one of our defense attorneys today.

Review: “An Answered Prayer”

We put a lot of thought and prayer into picking an attorney. We read a lot of reviews in our search for the best firm. Varghese Summersett was an answered prayer. The team is extremely dedicated, hard working, and will really push for justice. We had a case that was unlike any other and we were in a tough place. It is very difficult, as you know, to place all your hope on a team you do not know. I urge you to read their reviews and move forward as we did. Anna and Benson worked closely with us but most of all worked diligently for us. Trust them. You won’t be disappointed!

A. Reynolds(Former Client)

A Proactive Defense is the Best Defense

Call us to find out why time is of the essence and what our sexual assault defense attorneys can do to 1) try to prevent a case from being filed, 2) prevent the case from being indicted, and 3) complete our own investigation to put you in the best possible position for a dismissal, no-bill, or reduction.

If you have been accused of rape or another sexual offense, you can’t settle for anything other than the best possible defense and outcome for your situation. Hire the defense firm that brings over three decades of experience to the table and handles your case with the discretion and seriousness the allegations require.

Call a Fort Worth Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

Being accused of sexual assault can be overwhelming. You don’t have to go this alone. Our defense lawyers have decades of experience and a proven track record of success. We are known for our aggressive, proactive approach to criminal defense. The stakes are too high to leave anything to chance. Call our Fort Worth sexual assault defense lawyers today for help.