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Where Do We Handle Cases?

State Cases

We handle state criminal matters across the State of Texas. Tarrant County is home for us and all of our Partners at the firm were formerly Tarrant County prosecutors. We also have experience prosecuting other counties in Texas including Dallas County, Johnson County, Wichita County, Parker County, and Harris County.

The map below reflects the counties we handle with some level of frequency.

The farther the case is from Tarrant County, the more significant it will have to be. For instance, when we are hired in counties outside of those in green on the map below, it is generally for a very serious offense such as rape or sexual abuse of a child. We are also DWI lawyers and handle those cases in the Fort Worth area, as well as being called out of regularly-visited counties for very large drug cases.

Federal Cases

We handle federal criminal cases throughout the United States. While most of our cases are in Texas, we have handled federal cases in Oklahoma, Chicago, and New York. We are also brought in as local counsel on federal cases in the Northern District.
Read more: federal criminal defense.

Our consultations are free. When you are facing the biggest problems in your life, our goal is to set you at ease and get to know you and the problem you are facing. We believe the best arguments we can make to prosecutors and juries come from the heart – and that begins with taking the time to understand you. We do this in a low-pressure environment. Whether the consultation on your criminal case is over the phone or in person, it will always be with an attorney and the consultation will always be free.

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