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What makes Varghese Summersett Different?

Varghese Summersett is home to attorneys in three distinct practice areas: family law, criminal law, and personal injury. The reputation and results delivered by the attorneys in each division are top-of-class and we showcase just that in our video library. We recruit the very best and are serious about providing unparalleled outcomes. Our family lawyers have handled everything from high-profile and high-asset divorces to family matters that are intentionally kept off the radar. Our criminal lawyers have handled everything from driving while intoxicated charges to the most serious felony offenses for individuals ranging from politicians to celebrities. Our personal injury lawyers have recovered millions for our clients. In every regard, our firm has built a reputation of success one case at a time. Our firm is built on the willingness to go to trial and the records we have built in the courtroom. Our success at trial and in the courtroom is hard to find equal in the state.

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We recognized that by leveraging platforms like YouTube, we could extend our reach and provide valuable insights, advice, and support to a wider audience. Our YouTube channel has become a rich repository of information, covering everything from the nuances of criminal defense to the complexities of family law and the intricacies of personal injury cases.

Criminal Defense: Understanding Your Rights

Criminal defense has always been a cornerstone of our practice. We believe in the fundamental right to a fair trial and the importance of a robust defense. Our videos, such as “Varghese Summersett: Your Only Choice in Criminal Defense” and “Meet Our Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorneys Varghese Summersett,” aim to demystify the criminal justice process and empower individuals with knowledge and understanding.

Navigating the Waters of Personal Injury Law

Personal injury cases can be overwhelming and fraught with emotional and physical pain. Through videos like “Know Your Worth, Don’t Settle for Less: Varghese Summersett Injury Law” and “What Should You Do If You’re Involved in an 18-Wheeler Accident?”, we strive to offer clarity and hope, guiding individuals through their recovery journey and the legal process.

Family Law: Guidance Through Personal Transitions

Family law matters are deeply personal, often marking significant transitions in our clients’ lives. Our Family Law Group has produced content such as “Family Lawyer Explains How Quickly You Can Get a Divorce” and “Meet THE Team: Varghese Summersett Family Law Group,” providing invaluable advice and insights into navigating these challenging times with dignity and respect.

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