BIPP Classes in Dallas

What is the Battering Intervention and Prevention Program in Dallas?

BIPP stands for Batterers Intervention and Prevention Program. In Texas, this program is designed to help individuals, specifically those who have been violent or abusive in their intimate relationships, change their behavior and attitudes towards their partners.

The program is based on the premise that domestic violence is a learned behavior and not a result of an individual’s anger, mental health issues, substance abuse, or the actions of the victim. Therefore, the goal of BIPP is to help participants unlearn these behaviors and replace them with positive, respectful ones.

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BIPP programs in Texas are accredited by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice – Community Justice Assistance Division (TDCJ-CJAD). These programs provide group counseling for individuals who are abusive to their partners. The counseling is designed to help these individuals stop their abusive behavior, improve their relationship skills, and learn respect for their partners.

The program is often mandated by courts for individuals who have been convicted of domestic violence offenses, but it can also be voluntarily attended by those who recognize they have a problem and want to change.

The Battery Intervention and Prevention Program, often referred to as BIPP, helps attendees with the tools to curb domestic violence. BIPP classes in Dallas are often added to the terms of probation or parole.

The program aims to change the power dynamic within abusive intimate relationships from destructive to productive.

BIPP hopes to educate batterers to understand their behavior and why they act violently.

Through exercises and discussion BIPP tries to change the beliefs and attitudes that often lead to violence while reinforcing coping strategies for couples to develop equal and supportive relationships.

Learning new strategies in BIPP

BIPP classes in Dallas are usually recommended in family violence cases, including misdemeanor and felony court cases, and in choking or strangulation cases.

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Why did Texas create BIPP?

The BIPP program took effect in 1995 after being created by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The Texas Council on Family Violence developed the guidelines.

The mission of BIPP classes in Dallas is to eliminate male-to-female intimate partner violence by providing education services to batterers, promoting safety for victims, and creating the social change necessary to end domestic abuse and all forms of family violence.

BIPP classes in Dallas are usually recommended for persons accused of family violence and typically are added as a condition of probation or parole in family violence cases.

What topics are covered in the Battery Intervention and Prevention Program?

Among the education topics covered at BIPP classes in Dallas include:

  • Support and trust
  • Partnership
  • Non-violence
  • Non-threatening behavior
  • Respect
  • Honesty and accountability
  • Sexual respect
  • Negotiation and fairness

Program attendees will learn how to develop non-aggressive attitudes and reactions while also creating strategies to maintain nonviolent behavior.

How do BIPP classes in Dallas work?

Lawyers often request clients complete state-approved BIPP classes in Dallas to show the court that the individual is trying to work on their behavior.

The courses typically include orientation, in-person evaluations, and a series of group sessions.

BIPP North Texas

Please note: BIPP is not an anger management course. The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure details what is necessary for accreditation to instruct BIPP courses.

Texas officials designed BIPP to help abusers become aware of their behavior, help them identify violence triggers, and realize there is no excuse for their abusive behavior.

Of course, the program also aims to ensure the safety of family violence victims, including adults and their children.

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BIPP Locations

  1. BIPP Class – Domestic Abuse Treatment Center, Dallas, TX
  2. Path of Righteousness Ministries BIPP Class – Corporate Office, Mesquite, TX
  3. BIPP in Garland
    • Address: 2722 W Kingsley Suite 115, Garland, TX
  4. BIPP in Oak Cliff
    • Address: 3117 S Cockrell Hill Rd, Dallas, TX
  5. BIPP in Farmers Branch
    • Address: 2727 LBJ Fwy, Farmers Branch, TX
  6. Locations in Dallas
    • Address: 10504 Bruton Rd, Dallas, TX 75217
  7. Locations in Dallas
    • Address: 412 S Llewellyn Ave Ste 150, Dallas, TX 75208

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