Flying While Intoxicated in Fort Worth

Flying While Intoxicated is a misdemeanor offense that can have devastating effects on a person’s ability to fly in the future. The FAA prohibits the consumption of alcohol 8 hours before a flight and prohibits a person from flying with a BAC of .04 or greater. (Penal Code Section 49.05).

Similarly, the State of Texas makes it an offense to fly while intoxicated. This definition of intoxication broadly encompasses any intoxicant – alcohol, drugs, dangerous drugs, even prescription medication.

Convictions for Flying While Intoxicated may hinge on whether the police officer, blood draw nurse, or forensic scientist did his or her job properly. Remember that it is the State’s burden to prove intoxication if they believe you are intoxicated. Be polite, and let the police do their job. Remember you don’t have to do their job for them. Don’t volunteer information, politely decline to answer questions or do field sobriety tests.

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A conviction for this offense can ruin careers, personal lives, and can set you back financially. If you have been arrested for Flying While Intoxicated in Fort Worth, contact us immediately.

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