Misdemeanor Juvenile Assault [2023]

juvenile assault defense in North Texas

Fights break out daily among middle and high school students across North Texas. They occur at school, after school, sporting events, parties … the list goes on. Many of these fights begin and end quickly with no serious, long-term consequences – other than a trip to the principal’s office or a call to a parent. […]

Second Chances: Tarrant County’s Juvenile Diversion Programs

Juvenile diversion programs

Let’s face it. Young people make stupid mistakes, rash decisions, and poor choices. Sometimes, those lapses in judgment land them in the juvenile justice system. While this is certainly a scary prospect, there is hope for juvenile offenders in Tarrant County – especially for youth who want to learn from their mistakes. Tarrant County offers […]

What Happens During a Juvenile Adjudication Hearing in Texas? [2023]

juvenile adjudication hearing

What is a juvenile adjudication hearing in Texas? The juvenile justice system in Texas is much different than the adult system. The terminology and procedures are different, and it is easy to get confused – especially when words like “juvenile adjudication” and “delinquent conduct” are used. In short, a juvenile adjudication hearing is a trial […]

What Happens During a Juvenile Detention Hearing in Texas?

juvenile detention hearing

What is a juvenile detention hearing in Texas? When juveniles are taken into custody for allegedly violating the law in Texas, they have certain rights that kick in very quickly. One of them is the right to have a juvenile detention hearing within two business days. The purpose of this hearing is to determine whether […]

Violent Juvenile Crimes in Texas [Defending Tough Cases]

violent juvenile crime attorney

Violent juvenile crimes in Texas are on the rise, and in Tarrant County, that’s especially true with homicides. In fact, homicides increased 80 percent from 2020 to 2021, the most recent year statistics were available. This increase in violent juvenile offenses has led to a need for experienced, highly-skilled juvenile defense attorneys. Fortunately, the law […]

What is the Juvenile First Offender Program in Texas?

juvenile first offender program

Juvenile First Offender Program in Texas Texas Family Code Sec. 52.031 allows juvenile boards across the state to establish first offender programs for the referral and disposition of children aged 10 to 16 taken into custody or accused before the filing of a criminal charge of: Conduct indicating a need for supervision; A Class C […]

Texas Juvenile Records: Who Has Access? Can They Be Sealed?

Texas juvenile records

What information is in a Texas juvenile record? Texas juvenile records contain documentation filed during a youth’s time in the juvenile justice system. These records pertain to juvenile offenders and proceedings brought under the Juvenile Justice Code. They do not include names of child witnesses or victims, records from municipal or JP courts, or records […]

Juvenile Certification in Texas: When Can a Minor Be Tried as an Adult?

Juvenile Certification in Texas

What is juvenile certification in Texas? In Texas, juveniles can be certified to stand trial as an adult if they are accused of serious crimes, such as murder or aggravated sexual assault. The decision to seek certification is up to the juvenile prosecutor handling the case and must be granted by a juvenile judge after […]

The Right to a Juvenile Attorney in Texas: What Parents Need to Know

juvenile attorney

Does my child need a juvenile attorney in Texas? If your child has been taken into custody and is charged with an offense, he or she must be represented by a juvenile attorney. That is the law. Whether you hire the attorney – or one is appointed by the court – will depend on your […]

Juvenile Courts: Are Texas Juvenile Hearings Public?

texas juvenile hearings

Are Texas juvenile hearings open to the public? It depends on the age of the child. If the child is 14 or older, Texas juvenile hearings are generally open to the public. Under Sec. 54.08 of the Texas Family code, however, hearings are closed to the public if the child is under the age of […]