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Published on: October 27th, 2020 at 8:39 AM

For the most part, people accused of sex-related criminal offenses in Tarrant County are charged under state statutes and sentenced upon conviction in a state district court. However, there are some instances where an individual may be charged with a federal sex offense in Grapevine.

If you are currently facing prosecution for a sex offense at the federal level, working with a seasoned criminal defense attorneys is crucial. The Grapevine federal sex crimes lawyer at our firm has extensive experience litigating sex crimes in federal court and will work tirelessly on your behalf to pursue a favorable outcome.

Federal Vs. State for Sex Crimes

As a general rule, criminal offenses are prosecuted at the state level if they occur solely within the borders of a single state, while federal jurisdiction applies if a person crosses state lines during the commission of a crime – either in person or electronically. However, there are specific types of sex offenses that are almost always prosecuted at the federal level.

For example, sexual exploitation of children – which refers to the production, distribution or receipt of child pornography – is usually prosecuted federally. Likewise, sex trafficking can also result in federal charges as opposed to state charges.

Notably, you can be prosecuted both at the state and federal level for the same conduct. However, given that penalties for federal offenses are often much more severe than those associated with state-level crimes, you should strongly consider retaining an experienced state and federal sex crimes lawyer in Grapevine if you are accused of or being investigated for a federal sex offense.

Our Grapevine federal sex crimes attorney has defended these charges at every level and can further explain the differences between federal and state prosecutions.

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What are the potential consequences of a federal sex crimes conviction?

The majority of convictions for sex offenses under federal law result in mandatory minimum prison sentences, as well as substantial fines and court fees. Even after being released from federal prison, most Tarrant County residents convicted of sex offenses will have to go through a period of supervised release, probation, or parole that greatly restricts their personal freedom. Not to mention, individuals convicted of a federal sex crime will also lose various civil rights, including the right to own a firearm and vote,.

However, one of the most devastating long-term impacts of a federal sex crime conviction is mandatory registration in the National Sex Offender Registry. If you are required to register as a federal sex offender, your personal information will remain in the system and be accessible to the public for 15 years, 25 years, or the rest of your life depending on the exact offense for which you were convicted.

Working with a skilled federal defense attorney is essential to minimizing the consequences you could face upon conviction for any federal sex offense.

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Being prosecuted under federal law for a sex crime can lead to severe punishments if you are convicted. In order to give you the best possible chance of mitigating the penalties and protecting your interests, you should get in touch with qualified legal counsel sooner rather than later.

Our Grapevine federal sex crimes lawyers will stand by your side through every stage of your case and help you construct a comprehensive legal defense. Call Varghese Summersett today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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