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What are Potential Criminal Fraud Charges?

There are numerous types of criminal fraud charges in the federal system. There are numerous types of criminal fraud charges in the federal system.

  • § 1001. Statements or entries generally
  • § 1002. Possession of false papers to defraud United States
  • § 1003. Demands against the United States
  • § 1004. Certification of checks
  • § 1005. Bank entries, reports and transactions
  • § 1006. Federal credit institution entries, reports and transactions
  • § 1007. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation transactions
  • [§§ 1008, 1009. Repealed.]
  • § 1010. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Federal Housing Administration transactions
  • § 1011. Federal land bank mortgage transactions
  • § 1012. Department of Housing and Urban Development transactions
  • § 1013. Farm loan bonds and credit bank debentures
  • § 1014. Loan and credit applications generally; renewals and discounts; crop insurance
  • § 1015. Naturalization, citizenship or alien registry
  • § 1016. Acknowledgment of appearance or oath
  • § 1017. Government seals wrongfully used and instruments wrongfully sealed
  • § 1018. Official certificates or writings
  • § 1019. Certificates by consular officers
  • § 1020. Highway projects
  • § 1021. Title records
  • § 1022. Delivery of certificate, voucher, receipt for military or naval property
  • § 1023. Insufficient delivery of money or property for military or naval service
  • § 1024. Purchase or receipt of military, naval, or veteran’s facilities property
  • § 1025. False pretenses on high seas and other waters
  • § 1026. Compromise, adjustment, or cancellation of farm indebtedness
  • § 1027. False statements and concealment of facts in relation to documents required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974
  • § 1028. Fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents, authentication features, and information
  • § 1028A. Aggravated identity theft
  • § 1029. Fraud and related activity in connection with access devices
  • § 1030. Fraud and related activity in connection with computers
  • § 1031. Major fraud against the United States
  • § 1032. Concealment of assets from conservator, receiver, or liquidating agent
  • § 1033. Crimes by or affecting persons engaged in the business of insurance whose activities affect interstate commerce
  • § 1034. Civil penalties and injunctions for violations of section 1033
  • § 1035. False statements relating to health care matters
  • § 1036. Entry by false pretenses to any real property, vessel, or aircraft of the United States or secure area of any airport or seaport
  • § 1037. Fraud and related activity in connection with electronic mail
  • § 1038. False information and hoaxes
  • § 1039. Fraud and related activity in connection with obtaining confidential phone records information of a covered entity
  • § 1040. Fraud in connection with major disaster or emergency benefits

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