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Bribery in Texas

Bribery in Texas occurs when, in return for making a particular decision in an official capacity, a public servant, party official or voter intentionally proposes, provides, requests, or receives something of value. In other words, it is a criminal offense to offer or accept any benefit, be it cash or otherwise, in exchange for violating a duty or discretion as a politician, judge, government official, or another official role.

An accusation of bribery is a serious felony offense in Texas. If you’re under investigation or have been charged, it’s important to put the right defense team in place as quickly as possible. Bribery is punished harshly in the state of Texas. If convicted, you could face years behind bars and ordered to pay considerable fines. Additionally, the impact of a criminal record can affect everything from your ability to get a job to buying a home.

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When is Bribing Illegal in Fort Worth?

The charge of bribery is defined under Texas Penal Code Section 36.02. The Texas bribery statute is straightforward regarding the types of defenses that may not be used to challenge a bribery charge. For example, arguing that the accused was not operating in their official capacity when he or she accepted the bribe because they had not yet been sworn into office would not be a valid defense. It is also not an acceptable defense that the bribe was procured after and not before the unlawfully-influenced decision or judgment was entered.

What is the Punishment for Accepting a Bribe?

Texas law categorizes bribery as a second-degree felony which is punishable by two to 20 years in prison and a maximum $10,000 fine. Our Fort Worth bribery attorneys will thoroughly investigate your case and construct an aggressive defense in an effort to protect your future and your freedom.

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