Overview of the Varghese Summersett Down Syndrome Scholarship 2025

Amount: $500
Deadline: April 1, 2025
Notification Date: April 21, 2025

Each year, approximately 6,000 babies are born with Down syndrome, a chromosomal condition that occurs when there is a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21. This additional gene can affect an individual’s life, educational development, characteristics, personality, and physicality.

The attorneys and legal professionals at Varghese Summersett believe in giving back to the community, especially with causes close to our hearts. Three members of our legal team have children with special needs, and in an effort to recognize and honor them, we are proud to offer our annual Varghese Summersett Down Syndrome Scholarship.

This scholarship is intended for a deserving child with Down syndrome who is in need of financial aid to support educational or recreational opportunities. The award may be used towards a camp, tutoring, education, or other tools to help the student thrive, prosper, and have a fulfilling life.

Eligibility for the Down Syndrome Scholarship

To be eligible for the Varghese Summersett Down Syndrome Scholarship, applicants must be diagnosed with Down syndrome. Applications must be submitted by the deadline of April 1, 2025. Applicants throughout the United States are welcome.

How to Apply: Three Easy Steps

  1. To apply, a parent, friend, relative, or teacher must submit a letter or video stating how the financial aid will benefit the student.
  2. Applicants must submit one letter of recommendation. The letter can be from a teacher, employer, friend, sibling or community leader. They should attest to the applicant’s character, ability and need for financial aid for educational or recreational opportunities. For example, a teacher could write a letter explaining how the student would benefit from an adaptive bicycle or Ipad.
  3. Applicants must submit a photo and agree to allow Varghese Summersett to use the student’s name, photo, video, letter, and/or story on our website

Application Deadline and Instructions

All scholarship criteria must be submitted on or before April 1, 2025. Applications sent after the April 1st deadline will not be considered.

Applications must be submitted by email to melody@versustexas.com with the subject line “[Applicant Name] – Down Syndrome Scholarship”.

To check out our other scholarship opportunities, visit https://www.varghese-summersett.mysites.io/scholarships/.

We are Pleased to Announce the 2024 Down Syndrome Scholarship Recipients

Varghese Summersett Down Syndrome Scholarship

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