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If you have been arrested for a felony offense or a non-traffic misdemeanor offense, your case will be heard in one of the criminal courts located inside theย Frank Crowley Courts Building. Similarly, if you’ve been called for jury service in a criminal case, you’ll be looking for the Frank Crowley Courthouse. Our Dallas County Criminal Lawyer put this article together to help you find the courthouse.

Frank Crowley Courthouse Dallas

The history of the Frank Crowley Courthouse dates back to the late 19th century when the original Dallas County Courthouse was constructed in 1892. Over time, the city’s population grew, leading to the need for a larger and more modern courthouse facility.

In 1962, the Dallas County Commissioners Court commissioned the construction of a new courthouse to meet the demands of the growing county. The new building was designed by architect George Dahl and completed in 1966. It was named the Criminal Courts Building and was dedicated to serving the criminal justice system of Dallas County.

Frank Crowley, born in 1892, was a Dallas County Commissioner who played a pivotal role in the development of the criminal justice system in Dallas. He served as a commissioner for 26 years, from 1949 until his retirement in 1974. Crowley was known for his dedication to public service and his commitment to improving the lives of the citizens of Dallas.

During his tenure, Crowley played a crucial role in modernizing the county’s criminal justice system. He advocated for the construction of new facilities and the implementation of innovative programs to support the administration of justice. Crowley’s efforts were instrumental in establishing a more efficient and effective court system in Dallas County.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions, the Criminal Courts Building was renamed the Frank Crowley Courthouse in 1983. The renaming served as a tribute to Frank Crowley’s lifelong commitment to public service and his lasting impact on the Dallas community.

Today, the Frank Crowley Courthouse remains an important judicial facility in Dallas County, housing various courts, including the County Criminal Courts, the County Civil Courts, and the County Probate Courts.


Frank Crowley Courthouse in Dallas

The Frank Crowley Courts Building is located at 133 N. Riverfront Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Dallas, TX 75207.

Information about each Dallas County Criminal Court is listed below:ย 

CourtFloorJudgeCourt CoordinatorPhone Number
Dallas County Criminal Court No. 1CCC13rd FloorHon. Dan Patterson, PresidingBarbara Cambell(214) 653-5605
Dallas County Criminal Court No. 2CCC23rd FloorHon. Julia Hayes, PresidingTeresa Curry(214) 653-5615
Dallas County Criminal Court No. 3CCC33rd FloorHon. Doug Skemp, PresidingSheria Mathis(214) 653-5625
Dallas County Criminal Court No. 4CCC43rd FloorHon. Nancy C. Mulder, PresidingMarcia Waters(214) 653-5636
Dallas County Criminal Court No. 5CCC53rd FloorHon. Lisa Green, PresidingNaidja Taylor(214) 653-5645
Dallas County Criminal Court No. 6CCC63rd FloorHon. Angela King, PresidingAnn Cruz(214) 653-5655
Dallas County Criminal Court No. 7CCC74th FloorHon. Elizabeth Crowder, PresidingSusan Vahala(214) 653-5665
Dallas County Criminal Court No. 8CCC84th FloorHon. Tina Yoo Clinton, PresidingBeth Doyle(214) 653-5675
Dallas County Criminal Court No. 9CCC94th FloorHon. Peggy Hoffman, PresidingMarilyn Hawkins(214) 653-5685
Dallas County Criminal Court No. 10CCC104th FloorHon. Roberto Canas, Jr., PresidingTerri Neal(214) 653-5695
Dallas County Criminal Court No. 11CCC114th FloorHon. Shequitta Kelly, PresidingJocobe Graham(214) 712-5077
County Court of Criminal Appeals No. 13rd FloorHon. Kristin Wade, PresidingTania Robinson(214) 653-5705
County Court of Criminal Appeals No. 23rd FloorHon. Jeffrey Rosenfield, PresidingJudy Williams(214) 653-5715
Dallas Criminal District Court No. 1CDC16th FloorJudge Robert BurnsMyrna Gasc(214) 653-5902
Dallas Criminal District Court No. 2CDC27th FloorJudge Don AdamsLupe Mercado(214) 653-5910
Dallas Criminal District Court No. 3CDC36th FloorJudge Gracie LewisLaMonica Littles(214) 653-5922
Dallas Criminal District Court No. 4CDC46th FloorJudge Dominique CollinsCornelius Jennings(214) 653-5932
Dallas Criminal District Court No. 5CDC55th FloorJudge Carter ThompsonDoris Irvin(214) 653-5942
Dallas Criminal District Court No. 6CDC66th FloorJudge Jeanine HowardJerry Barker(972) 739-3910
Dallas Criminal District Court No. 7CDC77th FloorJudge Elizabeth FrizellVearneas Faggett(972) 739-3906
Dallas 194th District Court7th FloorJudge Ernest WhiteLawrence Stokes(214) 653-5802
Dallas 195th District Court7th FloorJudge Fred TinsleyClaire Foster(214) 653-5812
Dallas 203rd District Court7th FloorJudge Teresa HawthorneYolanda Baker(214) 653-5822
Dallas 204th District Court7th FloorJudge Tammy KempHelen Wilhem(214) 653-5832
Dallas 265th District Court7th FloorJudge Jennifer BennettSharon Johnson(214) 653-5842
Dallas 282nd District Court5th FloorJudge Amber Givens-DavisMorgan Edwards(214) 653-5852
Dallas 283rd District Court6th FloorJudge Rick MagnisKissi Jones(214) 653-5862
Dallas 291st District Court7th FloorJudge Stephanie MitchellJeanette Hollingsworth(214) 653-5872
Dallas 292nd District Court6th FloorJudge Brandon BirminghamJessica Esparza-Ramirez(214) 653-5882
Dallas 363rd District Court5th FloorJudge Tracy HolmesDeborah Daily(214) 653-5892

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