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Answers for Elena Rios

Walmart Forklift Death: Answers for Elena Rios

On February 16, 2024, Elena Rios, a mother of four and grandmother of 13, was tragically killed in a forklift accident at a north Fort Worth Walmart distribution center. Elena was a 10-year employee for Walmart, certified to operate forklifts and other heavy machinery.Elana Rios

The family first learned about the accident on the news and was given conflicting information about what occurred. They retained the law firm of Varghese Summersett to investigate the accident and hold any person or corporation accountable whose actions or inactions could have prevented the untimely death of the matriarch of their family.

Elena was a devoted mother, grandmother, sister, and friend. On the day of the accident, she was planning to attend her 18-year-old granddaughter’s college softball game after she finished her shift at Walmart. Sadly, she never got that chance.

To date, the family still doesn’t know exactly what caused Elena’s death, as the autopsy hasn’t been released. The family has more questions than answers.

If you or someone you know has a tip or lead regarding this case, please email or call 817-207-4878. You may remain anonymous.

Elana Rios with her grandkids
Elena Rios with her grandkids
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