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What is BIPP (Battering Intervention and Prevention Program)?

The Battering Intervention and Prevention Program provides attendees the tools to change the power dynamic within an intimate relationship from one that is destructive to one that is productive. Battery within an intimate relationship often stems from anger and an incorrect belief that violence or control is a healthy or acceptable way to resolve issues. BIPP is often recommended for misdemeanor family violence cases, felony family violence cases, and choking or strangulation cases.

What are the Battering Intervention and Prevention Program Topics?

The topics covered in BIPP include:

  • non-violence
  • non-threatening behavior
  • respect
  • support and trust
  • honesty and accountability
  • sexual respect
  • partnership
  • negotiation and fairness

Participating in the program will help a person establish non-aggressive attitudes and response while developing strategies to maintain nonviolent behavior.

What happens in a Battering Intervention and Prevention Program Course?

If your attorney has requested that you complete a state-approved Batterer’s Intervention and Prevention Program or BIPP, below is a list of courses for you to choose from. BIPP generally involves a face-to-face Evaluation, Orientation, and On-Going Group Sessions. BIPP is not an anger management program. The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure provides for an accreditation process for Battering Intervention and Prevention Programs (BIPPs). These classes are recommended for individuals who are accused of committing family violence but are also often a condition of probation or parole in family violence cases. BIPP is designed to make the abuser aware of their behavior, recognize there is no excuse for abusive behavior, and ensure the safety of family violence victims and their children.

BIPP Classes

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