Have you been charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or another intoxication-related offense? A statutory condition of probation for Driving While Intoxicated is the DWI Education Program (often referred to as “DWI Ed”). This requirement is set forth in Article 42.12, Section l 3 (h) of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Your attorney may also advise you to take this course even if you are not currently on probation for an intoxication-related offense.

DWI Education Classes in Fort Worth are standardized 12-hour courses. It covers topics ranging from the effects of alcohol on the human body to plans to avoid re-offending. There are also courses geared toward repeat offenders and more individualized needs.

DWI Education Courses

Recommendation: Holly Hunter

We highly recommend using Holly Hunter at A Court Class Inc. We don’t receive any benefit for saying that. Holly has a remarkable life story – from growing up as an affluent young lady to finding herself in prison and her journey to help develop the first DWI diversion court in Dallas to becoming a course director herself. She is an excellent counselor not because of all the certifications she’s received, and she’s received plenty, but because she’s seen where poor decisions can take you, and she’s dedicated her life to keeping other people from going there. She’s not afraid to tell it as it is.

You can learn more about Holly, her class locations, and course offerings by visiting her website: A Court Class Inc. She offers DWI Education Classes, Drug Offender Education Programs, Substance Abuse Evaluations, Individual Counselling, Intensive Outpatient Treatment.

Her courses are offered at two locations:
A Court Class Inc (Garland) 310 East I-30, Ste #106 Garland
A Court Class Inc (Bedford) 1901 Central Drive, Ste #202, Bedford

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If you have been requested to take a DWI education class in Fort Worth, call our legal team to learn more about these courses and how to best proceed.