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Theft Intervention Program Class (TIPS)

What is TIPS (Theft Intervention Program)?

Have you been charged with a criminal theft offense?  If so, you may be requested by your attorney,  a prosecutor, or required by Community Supervision Corrections Department (CSCD) to complete a Theft Intervention Program (TIP).

Additionally, 2023 Texas legislation now allows retailers to offer a suspected shoplifter an opportunity to complete a theft education program in lieu of being reported to law enforcement. This means that if you are suspected of shoplifting, a retailer may give you the option to participate in a theft education program instead of involving the police.

TIPS, or the Theft Intervention Program, is often a course that proactive defense attorneys will ask of their clients who have been charged with theft, shoplifting, or similar charges. TIPS is generally an 8-session program not including the intake and exit sessions. You may be able to find courses that fit all eight sessions into one day.

If you are required by probation to complete a TIP course as a condition of probation they must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • The TIPS course must be a total of 10 hours of counseling, a one-hour intake session, eight hours in a group setting, and one hour in an exit session.
  • The TIPS course may meet once a week for eight weeks or twice a week for four weeks.

Theft Intervention Program TIPS Class Fort Worth

You can take a TIPS Course in Fort Worth at any of these locations:

A. L. Turner Academic Intervention777 Main Street, Suite 600, Fort Worth, Texas, 76102(817) 773-4132
Animo Education and Counseling4234 McCart Ave. Fort Worth, Texas 76115(817) 274-3983
Center for Therapeutic Change6320 Brentwood Stair Road, Fort Worth, Texas(817) 548-9990
Center for Therapeutic Change5801 Curzon STE 245, Fort Worth, Texas(817) 446-9770
Opportunities Counseling (English and Spanish)601 University Dr., Ste. 105, Fort Worth, TX 76107(817) 360-2983
Opportunities Counseling 517 North Carrier Parkway, Suite H, Grand Prairie, TX 75050(817) 360-2983

Arlington Theft Intervention Program (TIPS)

Animo Education and Counseling990 N. Cooper Street, Arlington, Texas 76011(817) 274-3983
Center for Therapeutic Change605 E. Border Street, Arlington, Texas(817) 446-9770

Grand Prairie Theft Intervention Programs (TIPS)

Opportunities Counselling Center571 N. Carrier Pkwy. Suite H, Grand Prairie, Texas 75050(214) 708-7779

Dallas Theft Intervention (TIPS) Programs

A.L. Turner Academic InterventionInwood Bank Building, 1801 N. Hampton, Ste 410, De Soto, Texas, 75115(214) 668-6610


What are “FAST TRACK” TIP Programs?

There are “FAST TRACK” TIP programs, one or two-day programs, which are not approved for probation.  However, these programs are occasionally approved by an Assistant District Attorney requesting the course be completed prior to a plea bargain. Consult with your attorney before taking a Fast Track or Short Course. (If you were sent to this page by one of the attorneys at our firm, you may take a short course.)

Opportunities Counseling Center Fast Track Courses:

  • 601 University Drive, Suite 105, Fort Worth, Texas, 76107,
  • (817) 360-2983
  • Hours:
    • English: Second Sunday of the month, 11am-6pm
    • Spanish: Times will vary. Check website for details.
    • Cost: $160.  Cash/Money Order.

Are There Online TIPS Courses?

Yes, with your attorney’s permission, you may be able to complete an online course although they are generally disfavored by prosecutors.

Online Theft Intervention Program:

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