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6 Reasons Successful Attorneys Have Family Law Paralegals [2023]

Behind every successful family law attorney is an exceptional family law paralegal. They are the attorney’s right hand, second set of eyes, and sounding board. They are the engine that helps move their cases forward. At Varghese Summersett Family Law Group, we have five amazing paralegals on our team. They play a huge role in helping our attorneys deliver the best results possible for our clients.

Here are six reasons why successful divorce and child custody attorneys have family law paralegals:

  1. Increased Efficiency. Family law paralegals free up attorneys’ time, allowing them to focus on providing legal advice and representing clients in court rather than pushing paperwork and fielding phone calls. Family law paralegals draft documents, file pleadings, conduct research, and help prepare cases for court. They also provide administrative support, including managing attorneys’ calendars and scheduling client meetings.
  2. Client Support. Paralegals often communicate directly with clients to explain the process and help guide them through the complexities of family law. At Varghese Summersett Family Law Group, the first point of contact for a potential new client is usually one of our paralegals. They understand the sensitivities of family law matters and are trained to provide compassionate support while receiving and conveying information. Please take a moment to watch this video by senior paralegal Julie Lystad about what clients can expect during their first call.

  1. Saves Time and Money. An experienced family law paralegal can help reduce clients’ legal fees by preparing documents quickly and efficiently. They also have a thorough understanding of the process, so they can anticipate potential issues that may arise. Paralegals also help keep clients’ cases on track by being a second set of eyes to review documents, ensure deadlines are met, and follow up with clients if necessary. This extra layer of oversight reduces mistakes and ensures that nothing is overlooked in the process. It also allows for smoother filings and quicker case resolutions.
  2. Experience and Expertise. Family law paralegals have a deep understanding of the Texas Family Code and all related rules, statutes, requirements, procedures, and deadlines associated with divorce, child custody cases and other family-related matters. Their experience and knowledge allow them to provide a higher level of service than law firms that don’t have dedicated paralegals.

5. Precedent and Procedural Knowledge. A great family law paralegal knows the local court system, filing procedures, and even some of the judges’ preferences. This institutional knowledge helps cases maneuver through the system more quickly and accurately. Judges and court staff also appreciate a well-prepared attorney with a knowledgeable paralegal.

6. Client Satisfaction. Family law paralegals play a vital role in delivering positive outcomes for clients. They provide much-needed support and understanding throughout the process, which helps build trust between clients and attorneys. Their attention to detail, time management skills, and organization help cases move forward quickly and efficiently, resulting in satisfied clients who feel confident and prepared to embark on the next chapter of their lives.

The Role of Paralegals

Paralegals play a crucial role in family and divorce cases. They are responsible for supporting lawyers in handling legal matters and provide critical assistance to families undergoing difficult transitions. Here’s an overview of the key responsibilities of paralegals in family and divorce cases

  • Legal Research and Document Preparation: Paralegals conduct thorough research and gather relevant information for the case. They assist in the preparation of various legal documents, such as divorce petitions, settlement agreements, and parenting plans. They also ensure that all documents are in compliance with state laws and court rules.
  • Case Management: Paralegals manage and organize the case files, ensuring that all relevant documents and information are readily available to the attorney. They may also handle correspondence with the parties involved in the case and schedule court appearances, mediations, and other important events.
  • Investigation: In some cases, paralegals may be tasked with conducting investigations to gather information related to the case. For example, in divorce cases, they may investigate assets, liabilities, and income sources of the parties involved.
  • Communication with Clients and Witnesses: Paralegals communicate with clients and witnesses to gather information, clarify facts, and prepare them for court proceedings. They also maintain open lines of communication to keep clients informed of the progress of their case.
  • Trial Preparation: In some cases, paralegals may assist with trial preparation by organizing exhibits, witness lists, and other relevant materials. They may also attend trials to provide support to the attorney handling the case.

Paralegals play a critical role in family and divorce cases by providing support to the attorney and ensuring that all legal requirements are met. They are responsible for conducting research, preparing documents, managing cases, and communicating with clients and witnesses. Their hard work and dedication to the legal profession help families navigate difficult transitions and find resolution in their cases.

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