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Criminal Defense, Family and Divorce, and Personal Injury Lawyers in Fort Worth, Texas

Varghese Summersett has three divisions, but each of our attorneys practices in only one. We found the best lawyers in their respective practice areas, and we brought them together to tackle the biggest problems in life. Our criminal defense lawyers handle allegations, investigations, and prosecutions into matters that can jeopardize both your freedom and your reputation. Our family lawyers are dedicated to getting your personal life back on track - whether that be free from the strife in your marriage or getting access to and possession of your children. Finally, our personal injury lawyers are here for you when facing an unexpected and sometimes tragic loss. For the most serious legal matters, Varghese Summersett is the name you can count on to see you through.

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Varghese Summersett is at home in Southlake, Fort Worth, and Dallas

At Home in Fort Worth, Southlake, and Dallas

Varghese Summersett started over a decade ago with our first office in Fort Worth. We’ve grown to add a second office in Dallas and our most recent addition in Southlake. These locations make it convenient for clients to meet us in person, and we are always available online and over the phone. Accessibility and responsiveness are top priorities at Varghese Summersett.

The Varghese Summersett Way

When facing a crisis, it’s important to find the best lawyer for your case. So what do you do? Is it the modern equivalent of thumbing through the phone book by searching for the “best lawyer near me” to see who answers the phone?

The truth is we don’t believe all lawyers are created equal, nor do we believe that all law firms take the same approach. In fact, we know these things are not true.

What you can be assured of, from the moment you first call us, is things are different here. We follow the Varghese Summersett Way. The Varghese Summersett way is a set of principles that guide us, based on our shared mission and certain core values:

01Provide Unmatched Service

Providing unmatched service means we do not look to other law firms for inspiration on what service means. We set the bar in the legal industry for service. When we see a way to make the client journey better, we don’t stop to say “no one has done it that way before,” we say, “how can we better serve our clients.” When we look at service, we ask ourselves, what did Horst Schulze do to make Ritz-Carlton a benchmark in the hospitality industry and what are we doing to be the standard that other law firms seek to achieve?

02Obtain Unparalleled Outcomes

Our goal is to provide results to clients they could not achieve elsewhere. One of the best compliments we received this year was from a judge who said, “If anyone ever believed lawyers don’t matter, this case would have proven them wrong. Before you started, I had already made up my mind about your client’s case. You changed my mind. Completely.” While it is impossible to know at the beginning of a case where it is going to end up, and while you should run from anyone who promises you a particular outcome, here’s what you do know when you hire Varghese Summersett: We have hired the lawyers we believe are the very best in the industry and we are known for a work ethic that requires us to do everything that is humanly possible for our clients.

03Exceptional Communication

From day one, we wanted to do things differently at Varghese Summersett. We are dedicated to providing clients with white-glove service they wouldn’t get anywhere else. Part of that high level of service means we are going to provide our clients with exceptional communication. We never forget that the individuals who come to us have brought us the biggest problems in their lives. By being accessible in person, by phone, and by leveraging technology through the use of our client portal and video communication, we make sure a question from a client does not go unanswered.


It is no accident that our firm has grown over the last decade. We went from hanging a shingle to being listed in the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the United States in less than 4 years. We believe that when we find lawyers who have built reputations similar to ours - trial attorneys who don’t back down and have earned the respect of their peers and the judiciary - we should bring them on to our team. Similarly, when we find individuals who go out of their way to treat clients like family, we extend an invitation for them to come under our roof. Our growth allows us to raise the level of service available to folks in their greatest hour of need.

05Supportive of Our Firm Family

We are nothing without our team. We believe that each member of our firm brings in something more valuable than the hours they spend with us.. They are an extension of us. The organizations they are involved with become the organizations we support. The causes they support become the ones we champion. From Habitat for Humanity to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, we support numerous charitable organizations both financially and through service because they are close to the hearts of our firm family. The scholarships we started, including ones for students with Autism and Down Syndrome, carry heartfelt significance to our team. We are part of this community, and we stand shoulder to shoulder, not just with our firm family, but also with you.

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Our Results Speak for Themselves

Now that you know what the core values at Varghese Summersett are, you may be asking yourself, what that translates to in terms of results. Consider this: we have over 1,100 five-star reviews on Google. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in the country, that handles the cases we do, with such a track record for success. We’d urge you not to just look at the number; go through and read the reviews. Ask yourself what it takes to have the same momentum for 10 years, and what it takes to deliver consistently over that period of time. That’s what we are about. Our family lawyers have helped families find peace. Our criminal lawyers have secured countless dismissals and acquittals. Our personal injury lawyers put millions of dollars in the hands of our clients.

Why Choose Us?

We have developed a reputation for excellence in divorce and family matters, personal injury, and criminal defense. We make a point to know each of our clients, their backgrounds, and their needs. We don’t operate in volume or take every case that comes in the door. As you consider who the best lawyer for your case is, here are reasons why people have chosen us:

01Our Reviews

We hear this time and time again. It seems impossible to find another attorney or law firm that handles the type of cases we do that has as many five-star reviews. The type of case matters. You might find someone with over 500 reviews if they only handle traffic tickets, but in the space we operate, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who comes close. Quantity comes second to quality in our book - so go through and read the reviews. You’ll see why people trust us with the biggest problems in their lives.

02Our Team

We have gone to great lengths to hire the individuals we believe are the best and brightest in the industry. Our attorneys are known for their trial experience and their unwavering tenacity on behalf of our clients. Many of our attorneys are board-certified in their respective practice areas, which makes them experts in the field.

03Our No-Obligation Consultations

Whether you have a paid consultation with our divorce and family attorneys or a complimentary consultation with our criminal or personal injury team, you will have a meaningful conversation regarding matters we can assist with. Through this conversation, we will be able to answer any questions you have about the process while helping you understand the next steps and possible outcomes of your case. Our goal is to be transparent throughout this process so you have a chance to fairly assess whether we will be the best lawyers for you.

04Trial Experience

Nothing hardens you for battle like actual battle. Not every case results in a trial; in fact very few cases are resolved through trial. So why do we emphasize trial experience? Imagine you are the chief of a tribe, and two people come to you asking for a piece of your land. The first person uses very flowery language to explain why they want the land. The second person comes bearing battle scars, a confident stature, and a reputation that proceeds them. Who do you think is more likely to walk away with a piece of the land? The same is true when lawyers go to battle or threaten to. They are sized up. Unless you have the proverbial skins on the wall, your negotiations are going carry only a fraction of the value of someone who has been to trial and won. Today many attorneys are afraid of the risks of trial. We are not. We’ve proven we are at home in the courtroom. This makes a difference for our clients and sets us apart from the pack.

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