5 Steps To Finding The Best DWI Lawyer In 2023

Find the Best DWI Lawyer For Your Case

Follow these five steps to find the best DWI lawyer for your case:

Step 1: Find DWI Lawyers in Your Area

While the laws that apply to DWIs in Texas are the same throughout the state, finding a local defense attorney is the best way to start. You can search “Your City + DWI Lawyer” to get a start. For example, searching for a Fort Worth DWI Lawyer is going to give you a couple dozen names as a place to start. Avoid using attorneys who are not in the court you are going to be in on a daily basis. For example, we are in the Tarrant County Courthouse every day. This means we know the judges, the prosecutors, their strengths, their weakness, their experience level, and what arguments are effective with certain judges or prosecutors. By the same token, you wouldn’t want to hire us for a case in Harris County – at least not without local counsel to tag along.

Step 2: Make a Shortlist to find the Best DWI Lawyer

Look at reviews, results, see how long the firm or lawyer has been around and what their reputation is.

Step 3: Set Up Consultations

Once you’ve culled your list down to a few attorneys, reach out to set up a consultation.

Step 4: Evaluate the DWI Attorney at the Consultation

Whether your consultation is in person, over the phone, or virtual see how the attorney treats you and see if they are able to answer your questions. You shouldn’t be able to think of a question they don’t know the answer to. Really. You should see if you trust them and build a rapport with them. Weed out the lawyers that are just good salespeople by asking direct questions, such as “What is the last time you were in a jury trial (not your associates.),” “How often are you personally at the courthouse,” and “Will you be handling my case personally.” Be wary of lawyers who offer to start for little or nothing down. This usually indicates desperation or means the lawyer or firm operates on a volume basis. By the same token, think about whether you want to hire the attorney who like 40 others sent a letter to your house or do you want a lawyer that’s good enough that they don’t have to solicit your business.

Step 5: Hire the Best DWI Lawyer for Your Case and Circumstances

Every DWI case is different, and there are many permutations of how intoxication can be alleged. You’ll want to find the attorney who has experience in the courtroom (in trials) and outside of the courtroom (pre-trial.) Cost is also a factor in determining who the best lawyer for your case is. We have clients that come to us after another attorney has started their case (the wrong way) and it often costs more to unwind the bad work that has been done than it would have been to hire us at the outset. When you’re reputation, record, and freedom are on the line, you may not want to go with the lowest cost provider.

Questions to Ask Potential DWI Lawyers in Tarrant County:

  • How many DWI cases have you personally handled in Tarrant County?
  • How many DWI cases have you tried to juries in Tarrant County?
  • Are you Board Certified in criminal law in Texas?
  • Have you been a prosecutor in Tarrant County?
  • Do they know the judge and prosecutors in your case?
  • How often are you at the Tim Curry Justice Center?
  • Who will be handling my case at your office?

Your attorney should be able to talk to you intelligently about the offense you’re charged with, possible defenses, and the best approach to resolve your case. For some, that will mean pushing a case all the way to trial. For others, it may be leveraging the defense case for the most favorable outcome.

DWI Defense in Tarrant County

Our team understand how the other side thinks. We’ve served as prosecutors in Tarrant County and Dallas County. We’ve been appointed as special prosecutors in almost every major county in north Texas. We’ve handled thousands of DWIs as prosecutors and we’ve put our experience to work as some of the most effective DWI defense attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas. We have questioned hundreds of police officers. We know how they are trained, and we are adept at spotting mistakes the officers make. Once we become the DWI Lawyer on your case, we will have an opportunity to look at the videos that tell us more than the police reports will. We have had many instances where our client was intoxicated but the officer made mistakes that we were able to use to get the DWI dismissed or reduced. These range from issues with the stop or arrest to analysts who mishandled evidence. Our goal on every DWI or intoxication-related case is to first understand your needs and then craft a plan of action that is most likely to reach your desired outcome. Give us a call today for a free consultation with an experienced DWI attorney.

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