Tarrant County District Attorney Phone Numbers | Directory

By Benson Varghese

Last Updated: May 19th, 2022
Published on: January 14th, 2015
Tarrant County District Attorneys Office

Tarrant County District Attorney

Sharen Wilson is the current Tarrant County District Attorney. Her direct phone number is 817-884-1644.

Her current 4-year term began on January 1, 2015. She has announced she will not be running for re-election. There will be a new District Attorney effective January 1, 2023.

Tarrant County District Attorney Candidates for 2023

The current candidates for the Tarrant County District Attorney (in alphabetical order by last name) position are:

Tiffany Burks (D)

Tiffany Burks is a lifelong prosecutor who has prosecuted cases in Tarrant County for over twenty years. She’s known for her success as a trial attorney, tenacity, and work ethic. Learn more about Tiffany Burks for Tarrant County District Attorney.

Matt Krause (R)

Matt Krause brings a unique perspective to the DA race. His background as a State Representative who served on the Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee gives him insight on the civil and administrative side that sets him apart. Learn more about Matt Krause for Tarrant County District Attorney.

Phil Sorrells (R)

Phil Sorrels is best known for his tenure as the judge of County Criminal Court Number 10 in Tarrant County for 25 years. Prior to being elected to that position, he served as a felony prosecutor. He has a reputation for running his court efficiently. Learn more about Phil Sorrells for Tarrant County District Attorney.

The two Republican candidates will face a runoff on May 24, 2022 which will decide which candidate will be in the general election in November.

Tarrant County District Attorney Phone Numbers

Below are the extensions for the Tarrant County Assistant District Attorneys. The phone numbers begin with 817-884 and end with the following four-digit extensions.

Felony Attorneys:

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Misdemeanor Attorneys:

Tarrant County Misdemeanor Phone Numbers and Court Assignments


Ashlea Deener CDC1 817-884-1822 abdeener
Samantha Fant CDC1 817-884-1496 SAFant
Chase Payne CDC1 817-884-1689 wcpayne
Michael Ferry CDC1 817-884-1363 MJFerry
Jamie Jernigan CDC1 817-884-1832 jngernigan
Leona CDC1 817-884-3458
Tracey Kapsidelis CDC2 817-884-1983 TKapsidelis
Christy May CDC2 817-884-1547 crmay
Jonathan Lowe CDC2 817-884-1831 JSLowe
Diego Esparza CDC2 817-884-1525 DEEsparza
Bethany Echols CDC2 817-884-1536 beechols
Lisa Callaghan CDC3 817-884-1366 lacallaghan
Anna Hernandez CDC3 817-884-2661 amhernandez2
Eric Starnes CDC3 817-884-1845 ejstarnes
Brian Hawthorne CDC3 817-884-1701 behawthorne
Jennifer Therazin CDC3 817-884-2660 jltherazin
Lee Sorrells CDC4 817-884-1825 lcsorrells
Mark Richman CDC4 817-884-1820 marichman
Collin Ashworth CDC4 817-884-1821 cbashworth
Claris Fanka CDC4 817-884-1823 cjfanka
Morgan Blair CDC4 817-884-1829 mkblair
Demetrice Lopez 213th 817-884-3433 dmlopez2
William Knight 213th 817-884-1394 waknight
Alex Haynes 213th 817-884-2879 ahhaynes
Raymond Lee 213th 817-884-2663 rlee
Taylor Owens 213th 817-884-1640 TROwens
Marcus Hanna 297th 817-884-1955 mdhanna
Peter Gieseking 297th 817-884-1499 pjgieseking
Matthew Jackson 297th 817-884-1818 mkjackson
Kevin Novak 297th 817-884-2665 krnovak
Juan Sandoval 297th 817-884-1982 JCSandoval
Jess Gambrell 297th 817-884-2327 JMGambrell
Matt Rivers 371st 817-884-2434 mcrivers
Kyle Russo 371st 817-884-2437 kjrusso
Pam Fernandez 371st 817-884-3181
Dylan Morgan 371st 817-884-2551 dwmorgan
Brittane Hamilton 371st 817-884-2438 blhamilton
Chris McGregor 372nd 817-884-2470 cbmcgregor
Darren DeLaCruz 372nd 817-884-3452 dsdelacruz
Stephanie Simpson, S 372nd 817-884-3160 sksimpson
Ross VandeKop 372nd 817-884-2471 arvandekop
Caleb Beacham 372nd 817-884-2497 cmbeacham
Lucas Allan 396th 817-884-1827 leallen
Sarah Bruner 396th 817-884-2609 SEBruner
Jasmine Banks 396th 817-884-3253 jdbanks
Sarah Brown 396th 817-884-1634 SRBrown
Taylor Volesky 396th 817-884-1630 TAVolesky
Gomora 396th 817-884-3324
Charlie Boulware 432nd 817-884-1641 caboulware
Danielle Bonanno 432nd 817-884-2823 DMBonanno
John Kleinwachter 432nd 817-884-2493 kleinwachter
Ashley Reichner 432nd 817-884-6863 anreichner
Douglas Kohloff 432nd 817-884-3273
Elizabeth Kamber 485th 817-884-7028 eokamber
Jessica Theriot 485th 817-884-7031 jltheriot
Tad Schmidt 485th 817-884-7038 tcschmidt
Kaitlin Newcomb 485th 817-884-7039 knnewcomb
David Elder 485th 817-884-7075 dlelder
Kevin Boneberg 323rd 817-838-4635 kboneberg
Kyle Morris 323rd 817-838-4664 kamorris
Paul Nguyen 323rd 817-838-4672 pknguyen
Stuart Neal 323rd 817-838-4669 svneal
Sparkle Lynwood 323rd 817-838-4663 SNLynwood
Hogan 323rd 817-838-4636
Anastasia Frane 323rd 817-838-4637
Tim Rodgers LEI 817-884-1990 tsrodgers
Sam Williams, S LEI 817-884-6962 sgwilliams
Lloyd Whelchel WC/Public Integrity 817-884-2678 lewhelchel
Lori Vernell WC/Public Integrity 817-884-3441 llvarnell
Zane Reid WC/Public Integrity 817-884-6850 zareid
Arshad Majid WC/Public Integrity 817-884-2680 amajid
Brown WC/Public Integrity 817-884-7011
Rick Poster WC/Public Integrity 817-884-2679 rdposter
Nicodem WC/Public Integrity 817-884-1650
Hill MH Crossover 817-884-3426
Dickerson MH Crossover 817-884-7137
Bill Vassar Special Victims 817-884-2859 bavassar
Chris DeWitt Special Victims 817-884-1842 ocdewitt
Allyson Kucera Special Victims 817-884-3740 arkucera
Lindy Borchardt Special Victims 817-884-3289
Deanna Franzen Special Victims 817-884-1683 djfranzen
Matthew Hinojosa, M Special Victims 817-884-2395
Courtney Mowdy Special Victims 817-884-6832
Ryne Thacker Special Victims 817-884-3776 rgthacker
Page Simpson, P Gang 817-884-1884
Katie Owens, K Gang 817-884-6974
Danielle Wojciak Gang 817-884-1630 dpwojciak
D.J. (Davye) Estes Grand Jury 817-884-7046
Art Clayton Grand Jury 817-884-1840
Kim D’Avignon Adult Sex. Assault 817-884-1691
Emily Dixon Adult Sex. Assault 817-884-1698 eadixon
Amy Allin Adult Sex. Assault 817-884-6997
Steve Conder Conviction Integrity 817-884-1833
Shaver Conviction Integrity 817-884-2505
Kelly Meador IPV 817-884-7367
Emily Kirby IPV 817-884-3290
Megan Bradshaw IPV 817-884-2359
Evans IPV 817-884-3388
Madeline Jones IPV 817-884-1885
Hinojosa, K IPV 817-884-3166
Groom Intake 817-884-3542
Schmidt Intake 817-884-1637
Nguyen Intake 817-884-4330
Huseman Intake 817-884-7374
Mills Intake 817-884-1639
McMinn Intake 817-884-3779
Garcia Intake 817-884-1659
Haley Intake 817-884-3767
Spence Post Conviction 817-884-2826
Richards Post Conviction 817-884-2824
Grady Post Conviction 817-884-3432
Meskunas Post Conviction 817-884-1642
Andrea Jacobs Post Conviction 817-884-1835
Monte Post Conviction 817-884-1613
Williams, A Post Conviction 817-884-1830
Sargent Post Conviction 817-884-3109
Tim Gilpin Post Conviction 817-884-2888
Julie Lugo Post Conviction Not listed
Ford Post Conviction 817-884-1688
Lewellyn Post Conviction 817-884-2825
Andersen Post Conviction 817-884-2473
Butler Technology 817-884-1834
Gambrell CCC1 817-884-1605
Fletcher CCC1 817-884-2068
Orde CCC1 817-884-2608
Sandoval CCC2 817-884-2480
Barnes CCC2 817-884-1725
Berecin CCC2 817-884-6972
Hogan CCC3 817-884-2482
Coleman CCC3 817-884-2351
Echols CCC3 817-884-3149
Max Appel CCC4 817-884-1420 MGappel
Volesky CCC4 817-884-1685
Gomora CCC5 817-884-2483
Steven Elliott CCC5 817-884-2479
Barragon CCC5 817-884-2608
Kitchens CCC5 817-884-3537
Hamilton CCC6 817-884-2355
Truglio CCC6 817-884-2487
Ezzell CCC7 817-884-1703
Pierce CCC7 817-884-1419
Cohen CCC8 817-884-2478
Reynolds CCC8 817-884-3431
Frane CCC9 817-884-1669
Eber CCC9 817-884-1190
Moore CCC10 817-884-1723
Ferguson CCC10 817-884-1649
Nale CCC10 817-884-1261
Trono JP 817-884-2481
Stoner JP 817-884-2845

What is a Criminal District Attorney in Texas?

A Criminal District Attorney in Texas is an elected official who is the chief prosecuting attorney for felonies and misdemeanors in the county. A Criminal District Attorney represents the State of Texas as well as victims in criminal cases and CPS cases. A Criminal District Attorney also provides certain written legal opinions to other elected officials in the county. Code of Criminal Procedure Article 2.01 sets forth the special requirements for prosecutors in Texas:

It shall be the primary duty of all prosecuting attorneys, including any special prosecutors, not to convict, but to see that justice is done. They shall not suppress facts or secrete witnesses capable of establishing the innocence of the accused.

Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office

The Tarrant County District Attorney’s is located inside the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center at 401 West Belknap St., Fort Worth, Texas 76196.

Attorneys and staff are available Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:45 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Tarrant County Trial Board

You may access a list of the defense outcomes each week by visiting the Tarrant County Trial Board.

Tarrant County District Attorney Department Phone Numbers:

Business Office817-884-1694
Chief of Staff Division817-884-1400
Civil Division817-884-1233
Family Violence817-884-3535
General Information817-884-1400
Grand Jury817-884-1678
Investigation Division817-884-1204
Main Number817-884-1400
Media/Public Communications817-884-3120
Mental Health817-884-1038
Post Conviction817-884-1687
Protective Orders817-884-1623
Special Victims817-884-2800
Victim's Assistance817-884-2740
White Collar Crimes817-884-1661
Worthless (Hot) Check817-884-1603

Tarrant County Public Information Act Requests

By mail to: Civil Division
Attention: Public Information Officer
Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office
Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center
401 West Belknap, 9th Floor
Fort Worth, Texas 76196-0201

By e-mail to:

Tarrant County District Attorney Phone Numbers | Directory
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