Tarrant County District Attorney Phone Numbers | Directory

By Benson Varghese

Last Updated: September 6th, 2022
Published on: January 14th, 2015
Tarrant County District Attorneys Office

Tarrant County District Attorney

Sharen Wilson is the current Tarrant County District Attorney. Her direct phone number is 817-884-1644.

Her current 4-year term began on January 1, 2015. She has announced she will not be running for re-election. There will be a new District Attorney effective January 1, 2023.

Tarrant County District Attorney Candidates for 2023

The current candidates for the Tarrant County District Attorney are:

Tiffany Burks (D)

Tiffany Burks is a lifelong prosecutor who has prosecuted cases in Tarrant County for over twenty years. She’s known for her success as a trial attorney, tenacity, and work ethic. Learn more about Tiffany Burks for Tarrant County District Attorney.

Phil Sorrells (R)

Phil Sorrels is best known for his tenure as the judge of County Criminal Court Number 10 in Tarrant County for 25 years. Prior to being elected to that position, he served as a felony prosecutor. He has a reputation for running his court efficiently. Learn more about Phil Sorrells for Tarrant County District Attorney.

Tarrant County District Attorney Phone Numbers

Below are the extensions for the Tarrant County Assistant District Attorneys. The phone numbers begin with 817-884 and end with the following four-digit extensions.

Felony Attorneys:

Tarrant County District Attorney Phones

Stefanye 884-1696Legal Assistant, Extraditions
Lucas E. 884-1827Court Chief, D396th
Lisa R. 884-2469Legal Secretary, D371st
Amy E. 212-6997Attorney, Adult Sexual Assault
Dallas T. 884-2473Attorney, Post Convictions
Carma 884-1029Victim Advocate, Victim Services
Syretta 884-1657Legal Assistant, Civil
Max G. 884-1420Attorney, Misdemeanor
Dayanara 884-2525Legal Secretary, D297th
Collin B. 884-1821Attorney, CDC4
Michelle E. 884-1700Legal Secretary, Gang
Cerillo A. BandaCABanda@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3737Legal Secretary, Conviction Integrity
Allenna BangsADBangs@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1819Deputy Chief, Criminal Division
Jasmine D. BanksJDBanks@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3253Attorney, D396th
Melissa 884-3209Legal Specialist
Jonathan P. 884-1725Attorney, Misdemeanor
Kimberly V. 884-2477Attorney, Misdemeanor
Megan L. 884-3390Strategic Initiatives Manager
Norma A. BazanNABazan@tarrantcountytx.gov817-212-7138Attorney, Protective Orders
Caleb M.{817) 884-2497Attorney, D372nd
Amy 884-3126Outreach Coordinator
Deanna L. 255-8729Attorney, DFPS
Hannah 884-1683Attorney, Civil
Paula J. 884-1668Legal Secretary, D213th
Monique C.{817) 884-1687Legal Secretary, Post Convictions
Lori{817) 246-6076Legal Secretary, Juvenile
Alanna M. BerecinAMBerecin@tarrantcountytx.gov817-212-6972Attorney, Misdemeanor
Morgan K. BlairMKBLair@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1829Attorney, CDC4
Bruce W. 595-5460Investigator
Lee 884-2999Investigator
Danielle M. 884-2661Attorney, CDC3
Kevin 838-4635Chief, Juvenile
Ronald L. 884-3108Investigator
Lindy 884-3289Attorney, Human Trafficking
Susan 884-1609Legal Assistant, Intake
Charles A. 884-1641Court Chief, D432nd
Allison Attles BowenABowen@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2815Director, Victim Services
Megan R. BradshawMRBradshaw@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2359Attorney, Intimate Partner Violence
Sydney R. BrockSRBrock@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1669Attorney, Misdemeanor
Kevin{817) 639-2000Investigator
Marvin L. BrownMBrown2@tarrantcountytx.gov817-212-7369Assistant Chief Investigator
Sarah R. BrownSRBrown@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1634Attorney, D396th
Tommy M. BrownTMBrown@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-7009Attorney, ARPA
Sarah 884-2609Attorney, D396th
Candace L. 212-6978Victim Advocate, Victim Services
Kimya R. 884-1915Legal Secretary, Misdemeanor
Mary 884-1834Attorney, TSP
Lisa A. CallaghanLACallaghan@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1366Court Chief, CDC3
Bradley CarpenterNCE_BCarpent@tarrantcountytx.govAtty, White Collar (TDI)
Joe CarrizalJACarrizal@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3732Investigator
Cassandra I{817) 884-1161Legal Secretary, Intake
Esther 884-7048Legal Secretary, Post Convictions
Richard 212-1697Investigator
Barbara J. 884-3283Investigator
Art 884-1840Attorney, Grand Jury
Tyler M. ColemanTMColeman@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2351Attorney, Misdemeanor
Steve 884-1833Chief, Conviction Integrity
Dara K. 884-1989Investigator
Lester Couchldcouch@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1836Investigator
John 884-1631Attorney, Post Conviction
Julie 321-4841Legal Specialist, John Peter Smith
Janice R. 212-6879Legal Specialist
Katrina A. 884-1400Project Attorney
Kim A. D' 884-1691Chief, Adult Sexual Assault
Ashlea 884-1822Court Chief, CDCl
Darren Delacruzdsdelacruz@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2471Attorney, D372nd
Clarisa B. DelgadoCBDelgado@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1996Legal Secretary, CDC2
James 884-1636Investigator
Robin 255-8769Attorney, DFPS
Owen C. 884-1842Attorney, Special Victims
Ann 884-2435Attorney, Civil
Landon J. DickersonUDickerson@tarrantcountytx.gov817-212-7137Attorney, Mental Health
Emily 884-1698Attorney, Adult Sexual Assault
Christi 884-2316Attorney, Mental Health
Darla 884-1179Investigator
Justin T. 884-2489Analyst, Forensic Finance
Diane 212-7392Legal Secretary, Mental Health
Ann M. 884-1694Business Manager, Business Office
Cindy 212-7361Legal Assistant, Protective Orders
Leslie A. EatonLAEaton@tarrantcountytx.gov817-212-6966General Office Clerk, Civil
Ted 884-1646Investigator
Bethany E. EcholsBEEchols@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1536Attorney, CDC2
David L. 212-7075Attorney, D485th
Steven E. 884-2479Attorney, Misdemeanor
Diego E. EsparzaDEEsparza@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1525Attorney, CDC2
Victor Espino-NevarezVHNevarez@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3331Investigator
D. J. 212-7046Chief, Grand Jury
Brian M. EvansBMEvans@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3388Attorney, Intimate Partner Violence
Brent 884-2494Investigator
Grayson A. EzzellGAEzzell@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1703Attorney, Misdemeanor
Joey 321-4982Attorney, John Peter Smith Hospital
Claris J. 884-1823Attorney, CDC4
Samantha FantSAFant@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1496Attorney, CDCl
Carrie L. 884-1673Felony, Legal Secretary
Janet Moreno 884-2436Attorney, Civil
Megan A. FergusonMAFerguson@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1649Attorney, Misdemeanor
Pamela S. FernandezPSFernandez@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3181Attorney, Felony 0371st
Michael J. 884-1363Attorney, Felony CDCl
Pauline 212-7029Investigator
Douglas J. 884-2068Attorney, Misdemeanor
Shannon 884-1621Chief of Staff
Laura L. FloresLLFlores@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1027Victim Advocate, Victim Services
Angelica 884-2491Civil, Legal Assistant
Jose L. 838-4696Investigator
Tanner C., Misdemeanor
Justin K. 212-6964Attorney, Civil
Anastasia M. FraneAMFrane@tarrantcountytx.gov817-838-4637Attorney, Juvenile
Deanna J. 884-1683Attorney, Special Victims
Russell A. FriemelRAFriemel@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2177Attorney, Civil
Gary 884-1694Project Employee
Tracye D. FullerTDFuller@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1233Legal Secretary, Civil
Darran 884-3201Investigator
Jess M. GambrellJMGambrell@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2665Attorney, D297th
Bradley L. 884-884-2706Investigator
Abigail 884-2185Legal Assistant, Protective Orders
Elizabeth 212-6876Victim Advocate, Victim Services
Irene 884-1659Attorney, Intake
Aulstin 255-8726Attorney, DFPS
Carmen 212-7267Legal Assistant, Intake
Miriam D. 884-1624Business Assistant II
Kyle 884-3681Assistant Chief, Investigator
Peter 884-1499Attorney, D297th
Carolyn M. 884-1693Investigator
Timothy S. GilpinTSGilpin@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2888Attorney, Post Conviction
Elizabeth B. 884-6982Legal Secretary, Intake
Kristina E. GonzalezKEGonzalez@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1648Investigator
Esther 212-6956Investigator
Anne 884-3432Attorney, Post Convictions
Janet 884-1671Legal Assistant, Intake
Jeff 884-1999Investigator
Jonna 0. GreenwoodJ0Greenwood@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1610Court Reporter, Grand Jury
Susan 884-2425Legal Specialist
Brock 884-3542Chief. Intake
Steven P. GroppiSPGroppi@tarrantcountytx.gov817-212-6860Investigator
Ivonne 884-2740Office Clerk, Victim Services
Jennifer 884-1678Legal Assistant, Grand Jury
Cynthia 884-3746Attorney, Protective Orders
Cathy 884-1611Legal Secretary, DME
Taylor S. HaleyTSHaley@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3767Attorney, Intake
Ronnie 884-2742Attorney, Mental Health
Brittane L. HamiltonBLHamilton@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2437Attorney, D371st
Jeanette 884-3756Analyst, Forensic Finance
Marcus 884-1955Chief, 297th
Colleen K. 884-1995Legal Secretary, CDCl
Matt 884-3460Investigator
Ginette A. 255-8728Attorney, DFPS
Brian E. HawthorneBEHawthorne@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1701Attorney, CDC3
Anna 212-6837Attorney, Mental Health
Carina G. HernandezCGHernandez@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1233Legal Secretary, Civil
David HernandezDHernandez2@tarrantcountytx.gov817-212-6931Investigator
Jaime E. HernandezJEHernandez@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-7266Business Assistant I
Jose 884-3115Investigator
Nelida 884-3535Legal Secretary, Misdemeanor
Loretta L. HewittLLHewitt@tarrantcountytx.gov817-255-8768Attorney, ARPA
Will 884-2795Attorney, Protective Order
Kevin B. 884-2669Investigator
Kate E. HinojosaKEHinojosa@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3166Attorney, Intimate Partner Violence
Maria 884-3461Chief Investigator
Matthew R. 884-2395Attorney, Special Victims Unit
Tina M. 884-2800Legal Assistant, Mental Health
Jerrold 884-2484Investigator
Melinda L. HoganMLHogan@tarrantcountytx.gov817-838-4636Attorney, Juvenile
Jazmine R. HowardJRHoward@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3450Legal Secretary, ARPA
David 884-1629Deputy Chief, Civil
Jim 884-2919Chief, Misdemeanor
Leslie L. 884-2662Chief, Civil
Andrea M. 884-2300Attorney, Protective Orders
Ronald 212-7374Attorney, Intake
Tammy 884-1680Legal Secretary, Misdemeanor
Chanell 884-3758Legal Secretary, Adult Sexual Assault
Matthew K. JacksonMKJackson@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1818Attorney, D297th
Andrea 884-1835Attorney, Post Conviction
Macy C., Misdemeanor
Jaimie N. 884-1832Attorney, CDCl
Brian A. JohnsonBAJohnson2@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3536Investigator
Tiffany A. 884-1175Investigator
Carlie 884-1615Legal Secretary, Worthless Checks
Cecilia 884-1841Victim Advocate, Victim Services
Evonne Haynes 838-4613Legal Assistant, Juvenile
Laura W. JonesLWJones@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2488General Office Clerk, Misdemeanor
Madeline P. JonesMPJones@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1885Attorney, Intimate Partner Violence
Elizabeth 0. KamberEOKamber@tarrantcountytx.gov817-212-7028Court Chief, D485th
Tracey KapsidelisTKapsidelis@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1983Court Chief, CDC2
Emily KirbyECKirby@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3290Attorney, Intimate Partner Violence
Lance E. KitchensLEKitchens@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3537Attorney, Misdemeanor
John B. 884-2493Attorney, D432nd
Tiffany 212-7397Legal Assistant, Protective Orders
William Knightwaknight@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1394Attorney, 213th
Dennis B. Kohlhoff 884-3273Attorney, D432nd
Mark 884-1306Attorney, Civil
Allyson Kuceraarkucera@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3740Attorney, Special Victims Unit
Christopher 884-1684Investigator
Clint 884-2468Investigator
Raymond Lee 884-2663Attorney, D213th
Vanessa W. LeonaVWLeona@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3458Attorney, CDCl
Robert 884-1480Expunctions, Legal Secretary
Joshua L. 884-2825Attorney, Post Conviction
Haley 884-1686Legal Assistant, Post Conviction
Rhonda 212-7395Legal Assistant, Mental Health
Debra 212-6963Attorney, Asset Forfeiture
Zachary S. 884-1815Investigator
Benjamin G. LopezBGLopez@tarrantcountytx.gov817-838-4697Investigator
Demetrice 884-3433Court Chief, D213th
Imelda 884-3774Victim Advocate. Victim Services
Krysten L. 212-6960Legal Assistant, Open Records
Jonathan S. 884-1831Attorney, CDC2
Julie H. LugoJHLugo@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1613Attorney, Post Convictions
Geri 884-1355Legal Assistant, Grand Jury
Steve A. 884-1651Attorney, Civil
Sparkle N.,. D371st
Arshad MajidAMajid@ta 884-2680Attorney, Elder Financial Fraud
Marissa A. MassMAMass@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1623General Office Clerk V, Civil
Polly 884-1495Legal Assistant, Civil
Christy Rhoades MayCRMay@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1547Attorney, CDC2
Michael D. Mayo, Misdemeanor
Kenneth W. MaysKWMays@tarrantcountytx.gov817-212-7123Case Manager, DPP
Chris 884-2470Court Chief, D372nd
Michael G. McGuireMGMcGuire@tarrantcountytx.gov817-212-7076Investigator
Rebecca 884-2485Chief, Asset Forfeiture
Jackson 884-3779Attorney, Intake
Kelly S. 212-7367Chief, Intimate Partner Violence
John 884-1642Attorney, Post Conviction
Bobby 884-1639Attorney, Intake
Daniel MonteDRMonte@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2625Attorney, Conviction Integrity Unit
Ashton D. 884-1723Attorney, Misdemeanor
Larry 884-1037Chief, Criminal Division
Mia 884-3119Investigator
Dylan W. MorganDWMorgan@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1618Attorney, ARPA
Alisia C. MorrisACMorris@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3152Manager, Support Staff
Kyle 838-4664Attorney, Juvenile
Courtney L. MowdyCLMowdy@tarrantcountytx.gov817-212-6832Attorney, Special Victims Unit
Kelli L. MunoKLMuno@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1644Executive Assistant
Laura S. NagelLSNagel@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2702Legal Secretary, ARPA
Gwendolyn M. NaleGMNale@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1737Attorney, Misdemeanor
Stuart V. 838-4639Attorney, Juvenile
Kimberly K. 255-8727Attorney, DFPS
Joshua A. NeiswenderJANeiswender@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1993Investigator
Kaitlyn N. NewcombKNNewcomb@tarrantcountytx.gov817-212-7039Attorney, D485th
Huey 212-6866Investigator
Paul Nguyenpknguyen@tarrantcountytx.gov817-838-4672Attorney, Juvenile
Taylor 884-3430Attorney, Intake
James M. 884-1160Attorney, Civil
Amanda R. NicodemARNicodem@ta 884-1650Attorney, White Collar Pub. Integrity
Kelly 884-1204Legal Secretary, Special Crimes
Kevin R. NovakKRNovak@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2327Attorney, D297th
Danny 884-3434Investigator
Victoria A. ObionVAFordOblon@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1688Attorney, Post Conviction
Billy O' 212-7015Research & Statistical Coord.
Edward J. OdreEJ0dre@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2608Attorney, Misdemeanor
Melvin "Keith" 884-1409Attorney, Civil
Katherine E. 884-2549Attorney, Civil
Kathryn G. 212-6974Attorney, Gang
Taylor R. 884-1640Attorney, D213th
Perry 255-8736Attorney, DFPS
Courtney D. 884-1661 / (8Legal Secretary, Elder Fraud/WC
Dana 884-1635Business Assistant II
W. Chase PayneWCPayne@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1689Attorney, CDCl
Ashley J. PierceAJPierce@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1419Attorney, Misdemeanor
Don 884-2378Investigator
Kyle W. PisulaKWPisula@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2807Investigator
Mark 212-6875Analyst, Lab Coordinator
Richard D. 884-2679Attorney, White Collar
Kim 212-7268Legal Assistant, Intake
Gerald PruittGPruitt@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2177Civil, Attorney
Chelsea E. RaglandCERagland@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1331Legal Assistant, ARPA
Samantha{817) 884-1400General Office Clerk, Receptionist
Cristina 884-1652Victim Advocate, Victim Services
Zane 212-6850Attorney, Auto Theft Task Force
Martha 884-2506Legal Secretary, D372nd
Riley K. 884-3431Attorney, Misdemeanor
David 884-2824Attorney, Post Conviction
Mark A. 884-1820Attorney, CDC4
Marcus R. RinkMRRink@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1692Investigator
Matthew C. Riversmcrivers@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2434Court Chief, D371st
Marvina 884-2315Chief, PO/MH
Tim 884-1990Chief, LEI
Nohemi 884-3773Legal Secretary, Victim Services
Kyle J. RussoKJRusso@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-2438Attorney, D371st
Ariana 884-1664Legal Assistant, Intake
Clara SalvatierraCSalvatierra@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1316Victim Advocate, Victim Services
Michelle 212-6851Legal Assistant, Mental Health
Juan C. SandovalJCSandoval@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1982Attorney, D297th
Veronica 212-7047Legal Assistant, Asset Forfeiture
Fredericka 884-3109Attorney, Post Conviction
Ryan C Secretary, Intimate Partner Violence
Jessica 884-2492Legal Secretary, Misdemeanor
Gabrielle 884-1637Attorney, Intake
Thomas C. SchmidtTCSchmidt@tarrantcountytx.gov817-212-7038Attorney, D485th
Lauren R. 884-3326Legal Assistant, Intake
Nolan M.{817) 884-2505Attorney, Conviction Integrity
Riley{817) 884-1918Deputy Chief, Criminal Division
Sarah 884-1737Deputy Chief, Misdemeanor
Mariana SherwoodMSherwood@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3164Legal Assistant, Grand Jury
Page 884-1838Chief, Gang
Stephanie K. 884-3160Attorney, D372nd
Chris 884-3741LegaI Assistant, Civil
Amy SmithASmith@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1249General Office Clerk, Scanning/DME
Dale 884-1695Deputy Chief, Criminal Division
Mike{817) 884-1619Assistant Communication Officer
Lee C. 884-1825Chief, CDC4
Joseph 884-2826Chief, Post Convictions
Eric J. StarnesEJStarnes@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1845Attorney, CDC3
Angela D.{817) 884-1660Victim Advocate, Victim Assistance
Tabatha StevensonTRStevenson@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1699Legal Assistant, Intake
Jerry{817) 884-3726Investigator
Olivia K. 884-2845Attorney, Misdemeanor
Deanna C.{817) 884-1506Legal Secretary, D396th
Brandy D.{817) 884-1603General Office Clerk, DPP/DPP
Courtney E.{817) 321-5347Attorney, John Peter Smith
Mark H. 212-7366Investigator
Shirell 884-2948Legal Secretary, D432nd
Jordan T. 884-1685Attorney, Misdemenaor
Ryne G.{817) 884-3776Attorney, Special Victims
Jennifer L.{817) 884-2660Attorney, CDC3
Jessica TheriotJLTheriot@tarrantcountytx.gov817-212-7031Attorney, D485th
Briant E.{817) 884-2501Investigator
Monique{817) 884-2954Legal Specialist
John David 884-1319Attorney, Asset Forfeiture
Brenda 884-3095Legal Assistant, Grand Jury
Alexander C. 884-2481Attorney, Misdemeanor
Jeanne M. 884-2487Attorney, Misdemeanor
Lourdes ValeroLValero@tarrantcountytx.govSpecial Victims Unit, Legal Sec
Ross Van de Kap IIARVandekop@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3451Attorney, D372nd
Sabrina D. Van ZandtSDVanZandt@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-1645Legal Assistant, Intake
Lori 884-3441Chief, Elder Financial Fraud
Bill 884-2859Chief, Special Victims Unit
Adrianna M. VenzorAMVenzor@tarrantcountytx.gov817-212-7153Legal Secretary, D485th
Taylor A. VoleskyTAVolesky@tarrantcountytx.gov817-212-7370Attorney, D396th
Sheila 838-4614Juvenile, Legal Assistant
Michael S. 884-2804Investigator
Jay 884-1978
Rhona 884-1628DME Trial Art Coord
Brittany D. 212-7368Legal Specialist
Kim 884-2601Attorney, Civil
Lloyd 884-2678Chief, White Colllar
Angel G. 884-1830Atty, Post Conviction
Anna Tinsley WilliamsATWilliams@tarrantcountytx.gov817-884-3120Officer, Communications
Cindy 255-8732
Khayan 884-2790
Sam G. 212-6962Atty, LEI
Sharen 884-1644Criminal District Attorney
Cami 212-2672Grand Jury, Leg Asst
Dani P. 884-1630Attorney, Gang

Tarrant County Misdemeanor Phone Numbers and Court Assignments

What is a Criminal District Attorney in Texas?

A Criminal District Attorney in Texas is an elected official who is the chief prosecuting attorney for felonies and misdemeanors in the county. A Criminal District Attorney represents the State of Texas as well as victims in criminal cases and CPS cases. A Criminal District Attorney also provides certain written legal opinions to other elected officials in the county. Code of Criminal Procedure Article 2.01 sets forth the special requirements for prosecutors in Texas:

It shall be the primary duty of all prosecuting attorneys, including any special prosecutors, not to convict, but to see that justice is done. They shall not suppress facts or secrete witnesses capable of establishing the innocence of the accused.

Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office

The Tarrant County District Attorney’s is located inside the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center at 401 West Belknap St., Fort Worth, Texas 76196.

Attorneys and staff are available Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:45 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Tarrant County Trial Board

You may access a list of the defense outcomes each week by visiting the Tarrant County Trial Board.

Tarrant County District Attorney Department Phone Numbers:

Business Office817-884-1694
Chief of Staff Division817-884-1400
Civil Division817-884-1233
Family Violence817-884-3535
General Information817-884-1400
Grand Jury817-884-1678
Investigation Division817-884-1204
Main Number817-884-1400
Media/Public Communications817-884-3120
Mental Health817-884-1038
Post Conviction817-884-1687
Protective Orders817-884-1623
Special Victims817-884-2800
Victim's Assistance817-884-2740
White Collar Crimes817-884-1661
Worthless (Hot) Check817-884-1603

Tarrant County Public Information Act Requests

By mail to: Civil Division
Attention: Public Information Officer
Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office
Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center
401 West Belknap, 9th Floor
Fort Worth, Texas 76196-0201

By e-mail to:

Tarrant County District Attorney Phone Numbers | Directory
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