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When you are charged with a federal offense, you will want to know as much as you can about the court, the prosecutors, and the system that you are charged in. Undoubtedly, the federal criminal system is vastly different from prosecution at the state level.

We have practiced in federal courts throughout the state. The information we have compiled below is provided to help you along your journey. If you are facing federal charges anywhere in the state, we invite you to speak to our former prosecutors about your case, free of charge.


United States District Court
341 Pine Street, Room 2008
Abilene, TX 79601
Telephone Number: 325-677-6311
Chief District Judge: Jorge A. Solis
Magistrate Judge: E. Scott Frost


United States District Court
205 S.E. 5th Avenue, Room 133
Amarillo, TX 79101-1559
Telephone Number: 806-468-3800
District Judge: Mary Lou Robinson
Magistrate Judge: Clinton E. Averitte


United States District Court
1100 Commerce Street, Room 1452
Dallas, TX 75242
Telephone Number: 214-753-2200

District Judges

Jorge A. Solis (Chief Judge)
Sidney A. Fitzwater
Sam A. Lindsay
Barbara M.G. Lynn
David C. Godbey
Ed Kinkeade
Jane J. Boyle
Reed O’Connor

Senior Judges

A. Joe Fish
Sam R. Cummings

Magistrate Judges

Paul D. Stickney
Irma C. Ramirez
Renee Harris Toliver
David Horan

Fort Worth

United States District Court
501 West 10th Street, Room 310
Fort Worth, TX 76102-3673
Telephone Number: 817-850-6600

District Judge: John H. McBryde
District Judge: Reed C. O’Connor
Senior Judge: Terry R. Means
Magistrate Judge:  Jeffrey L. Cureton


United States District Court
1205 Texas Avenue, Room 209
Lubbock, TX 79401-4091
Telephone Number: 806-472-1900
Senior District Judge: Sam R. Cummings
Magistrate Judge: Nancy M. Koenig

San Angelo

United States District Court
33 E. Twohig Avenue, Room 202
San Angelo, TX 76903-6451
Senior Distrct Judge: Sam R. Cummings
Magistrate Judge: E. Scott Frost

Wichita Falls

United States District Court
1000 Lamar Street, Room 203
Wichita Falls, TX 76301
Telephone Number: 940-767-1902
District Judge: Reed C. O’Connor
Magistrate Judge: Robert K. Roach

Locations where inmates are regularly housed in the Northern District of Texas:

FCI Fort Worth

3150 Horton Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76119
Phone: 817-534-8400

FCI Seagoville

2114 North Highway 175
Seagoville, Texas 75159
Phone: 972-287-2911

FMC (Federal Medical Center) Carswell

Naval Air Station
J Street, Building 300
Fort Worth, TX 76127
Phone: 817-782-4000

U.S. Marshalls for the Northern District of Texas

Abilene, TX
Phone: 325-672-2147

Amarillo, TX
Phone: 806-324-2350

Dallas, TX
Phone: 214-767-0836

Fort Worth, TX
Phone: 817-978-3161

Lubbock, TX
Phone: 806-472-7655

San Angelo, TX
Phone: 325-658-4056

Wichita Falls, TX
Phone: 940-723-8662

Federal Criminal Jurisdiction

A criminal becomes a federal offense if it is a violation of federal law or takes place on federal property, such as a military base. Federal laws govern activities that affect interstate commerce. Practically speaking, the federal government is concerned more with criminal enterprises than it is individuals.

What statutes of limitations apply to federal criminal cases?

Most prosecutions for federal offenses must begin within five years of the date of the alleged offense. However, federal offenses that are punishable by death and certain federal sex offenses do not have a statute of limitations.

When can I hire a federal criminal defense attorney?

If you are contacted by a subpoena, target letter, or a federal agent showing up at your door, you little time to contact a criminal defense attorney to assist you in exploring the possibility of avoiding arrest and beginning your defense. If your first notice is the actual arrest, a detention hearing will take place, usually within about 72 hours of the arrest. While an attorney may be appointed to you, it is not too late to find an attorney who can be retained to assist you.

Why should I hire a federal criminal defense attorney?

Experience in federal courts is one of the most important factors in maximizing your changes for the best defense. While federal sentencing is infamously harsh, neither guilt nor a massive sentence is a foregone conclusion. An experienced federal criminal defense attorney can discuss your options and the possible results of a trial. Even for those cases that don’t go to trial, the attorney may be able to secure release during the pendency of the case and ultimately a minimal sentence.

How can we help you?

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to federal cases. Our attorneys include former federal prosecutors. We have obtained favorable results in a wide variety of federal criminal cases, including cases where all charges were dismissed after indictment, which is virtually unheard of. The quality of advice and advocacy matters as much as relationships. Our experience has also allowed us to forge relationships with the Justice Department, DEA, FBI, ICE, the Secret Service, and ATF. We also have access to forensic accountants, investigators, expert witnesses, and resources.

Our attorneys represent individuals charged with a variety of federal criminal offense, including but not limited to:

White Collar Crimes
Federal Drug Charges
Federal Firearms Cases
Healthcare Fraud including Medicare fraud and Medicaid Fraud
Illegal Reentry
Bank Fraud
Bank Robbery
Money Laundering
Conspiracy Charges
Tax Evasion

Local Counsel, National Federal Practice

While a majority of our federal criminal cases are in the Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas, we defend individuals and businesses across the country. If you are facing federal criminal charges or are the subject of a federal investigation, call the attorneys of Varghese Summersett PLLC at (214)-200-9181.

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