Video: What is Equitable Sharing?

Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney Steven Jumes explains what is equitable sharing in this short video.

“Equitable sharing is a discussion as to how much federally forfeited property goes to local law enforcement agencies. Equitable sharing is typically at an 80 percent rate. So let’s say someone is traveling down I-45 and they are in Arizona and they’re traveling with $100,000 in their vehicle. They get pulled over. The police find the $100,000, whether it’s by a canine smell from the canine barking at the car saying that’s supposedly drug money, or from a consent search, or for whatever reason. That local Arizona police officer seizes the $100,000, the forfeiture goes federally, and now there’s $100,000 that is in the government coffer. The U.S. government would equitably share 80 percent of it back to that Arizona police department and keep 20% of it in an assets forfeiture fund.”

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