Video: What Should You Do if You’re Being Investigated for White Collar Crime?

Video: What Should You Do if You’re Being Investigated for White Collar Crime?

In this video, Fort Worth criminal defense attorney Benson Varghese answers basic questions about white collar offenses and offers three important tips if you are investigated for white collar crime.

Video Transcript:

What is white collar crime?

A white collar crime refers to an offense that has been committed by a person who has been put in a position of greater trust or has information that is generally not available to the public.

Who gets investigated for white collar crimes?

Many types of professionals can be investigated for white collar crimes – doctors, lawyers, stock traders, bankers, people who hold executive positions within companies.

Who investigates white collar crimes?

Most white collar cases are investigated at the federal level. This is because federal prosecutors and federal investigators have the time and resources to spend on year-long investigations.

What are some examples of white collar crimes?

There are many offenses that fall under the umbrella of white collar crime. For instance, wire fraud, health care fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, even contractor fraud. Essentially, any time money is moving around and going somewhere it shouldn’t there is going to be an investigation.

What is health care fraud?

Health care fraud generally means there is an investigation into the billing practices of a doctor, dentist or other health care professional. This can be an investigation into over-billing. It can also be an investigation into billing for services that were never provided.

What is contractor fraud?

A common prosecution at the state level is contractor fraud. This involves an allegation that a contractor took money to perform services and never completed those services. Prosecutors are particularly interested when the alleged victim is elderly. In the state system, there is enhanced punishment range for crimes involving elderly victims.

What should you do if you are being investigated for a white collar crime?

There are three things you should do immediately if you believe you are under investigation for a white collar crime. First, call and consult with an attorney. Second, do not speak to anyone other than the attorney you are consulting with. This means even your spouse, business partner, employees or perhaps even the person who tipped you off that an investigation is going on. Third and finally, do not destroy or conceal any information that could be related to the investigation or even incriminating. That alone could give rise to additional charges against you.

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Video: What Should You Do if You’re Being Investigated for White Collar Crime?

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