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When you find out you are under investigation, or even worse find yourself being arrested, for a criminal offense, your life changes. The “presumption of innocence” seems to go out the window. You find investigators, judges, and prosecutors treat you like your guilty of the offense after hearing just one side of the story.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to the defense of individuals accused of serious crimes. We’ve also seen the other side. All the partners at our firm started off as Tarrant County prosecutors. Today as Tarrant County criminal defense lawyers, we have more experience than almost any prosecutor in the area. The Partners at the firm include Board Certified Criminal Defense Specialists – the highest designation a criminal defense attorney can reach. We handle cases from DWIs all the way through capital murder. All of the Partners at the firm have been to jury trial over 100 times individually, and over 550 times collectively. An enormous number by any measure.

We’ve had successful results in charges ranging from misdemeanors all the way through murder.

Defending Tarrant County Criminal Charges

Our firm handles criminal defense matters in and around Tarrant County, both at the state and federal level. We are most well-known for:

Our Expertise

Only Board Certified Criminal Defense Lawyers are considered experts in the field of criminal defense. Benson Varghese, Anna Summersett, Letty Martinez, and Tanya Dohoney are all Board Certified in criminal law. Criminal law is the only type of work we handle. We are in front of every state and federal state judge in Tarrant County on a regular basis and we have a reputation for zealous and unwavering advocacy. Our results and reviews speak for themselves.

What to Look for in a Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyer

  • Local Experience
    • All of our Partners began our careers at the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office and were still right here in Tarrant County fighting for justice – now for individuals accused of crimes.
    • We’ve spent our entire careers practicing criminal law exclusively and in Tarrant County primarily.
  • Board Certified Criminal Defense Lawyers
    • It’s generally hard to find a single Board Certified criminal lawyer. We have four under the same roof, all ready to go to bat for you. We discuss all our serious cases collectively, so when you hire us you get the entire brain trust.
  • Trial Experience
    • Regardless of whether your case is headed to trial or is going to be resolved pre-trial, the fact that we are a force to be reckoned with in a trial setting means prosecutors take us seriously when we come to the table.

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