Johnson County Criminal Defense Attorney

Johnson County Criminal Defense Attorney

We are regularly called upon to handle serious criminal cases in Johnson County. Our office has an excellent reputation in this jurisdiction, where few out-of-county attorneys venture.

Here’s a more detailed look at the cases we handle in Johnson County:

  1. We are frequently called upon to handle serious felony cases in Johnson County. This includes online solicitation cases, sexual assault of child cases, sexual assault (adult) cases, and violent felony offenses such as aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
  2. We are also often called upon to represent individuals charged with misdemeanors such as DWI.

Why do people hire us to handle Johnson County criminal cases?

Johnson County is a unique jurisdiction. The population is more conservative than neighboring counties. For instance, the same offense in Johnson County is likely to be punished more harshly than in neighboring counties like Tarrant County. Even though most cases are resolved through plea agreements, the conservative nature of the county affects the plea bargaining process. A offer from a Johnson County prosecutor might seem like a harsh offer from individuals who are not familiar with punishments doled out by Johnson County juries. It is also worth noting that DWIs and out-of-county defendants see severe punishments in Johnson County.

Similarly, if you are charged with a felony case in Johnson County, expect multiple cases/counts to be filed against you. In practice, this means the prosecutor is very likely to make a split offer – prison time on one case/count and probation on the other case/count.

Is there hope if you are charged with a case in Johnson County?

Absolutely. First, all the fundamentals of any criminal case still apply. An officer must have reasonable suspicion for a stop, probable cause for an arrest, and there are a number of defenses/affirmative defenses that apply.

Second, credibility goes a long way. The prosecutors in Johnson County know us and they know what we bring to the table. They know our attorneys have tried cases – ranging from misdemeanor assaults to death penalty capital murders – to juries. They also know we have four Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists. They have seen how thorough we are on cases and know that we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to defending individuals charged with crimes. Finally, they know the depth of our experience when it comes to sex cases and intoxication-related cases.

Is there a disadvantage of hiring our firm for a case in Johnson County?

Yes. You are paying a premium to have our attorneys represent you in Johnson County. In other words, it is very likely you will find a less expensive attorney to represent you locally in Johnson County. Our rates reflect the time we spend on these cases as well as the recognition that Johnson County cases take us away from Tarrant County where we do most of our work. We have had some remarkable results in Johnson County, and getting those results in such a conservative jurisdiction is especially rewarding.

Who prosecutes cases in Johnson County?

Johnson County Felony Cases

If you are charged with a felony, your case will be prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office. Dale Hanna is the elected District Attorney in Johnson County. He has a number of Assistant District Attorneys that work for him. Unlike many counties, Mr. Hanna is familiar with all the cases that come through his office. Because our attorneys are always seeking exceptional results, it is not unusual for us to talk to both the Assistant District Attorney and Mr. Hanna on a case.

Johnson County Misdemeanor Cases

If you are charged with a misdemeanor case in Johnson County, your case will be handled by the Johnson County County Attorney. Bill Moore has served as the County Attorney for Johnson County since 1993. He also has a number of Assistant County Attorneys who work for him.

Where is the Johnson County Courthouse?

The Guinn Justice Center is located at 204 S. Buffalo Ave, Cleburne, Texas 76033.

What courts are felony cases handled in?

There are three district courts in Johnson County that handle felony cases. They are:

18th District Court
Judge John Neill
(Serving Johnson County and Somervell County)

249th District Court
Judge Wayne Birdwell
(Serving Johnson County and Somervell County)

413th District Court
Judge William Bosworth

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