Grapevine Prostitution Lawyer

Grapevine Prostitution Lawyer

Few charges carry the stigma that prostitution carries. If you are up against prostitution charges, it is important to build a solid defense for your case. The penalties and collateral consequences associated with a conviction for prostitution are significant. You could face time in jail, be ordered to pay high fines, and face the loss of many of your personal freedoms.

A Grapevine prostitution lawyer at Varghese Summersett can help you defend yourself against such charges. If you have questions about obtaining legal representation, reach out to one of our attorneys for a free consultation.

What is Prostitution?

When someone agrees to, or actually engages in, sexual activity in exchange for something of value, they can be charged with prostitution. See Texas Penal Code Section 43.02. This statute criminalizes both consenting to or carrying out prostitution, as well as the solicitation of a prostitute.

If someone is convicted of prostitution for the first time, they face Class B misdemeanor punishments, which include a maximum incarceration period of 180 days. A Class B misdemeanor also carries a maximum fine of $2,000.

Someone who has been convicted of prostitution before or owns a prostitution business with multiple prostitutes will face higher penalties than they would for a first-time conviction. For example, if someone is convicted of running a prostitution business, they can be charged with a first-degree felony. First-degree felonies are punishable by a maximum jail sentence of incarceration for life, along with a $10,000 fine. If someone has been convicted of prosecution once before, they will be charged with a Class A misdemeanor and face up to 12 months in prison. If you are facing charges for alleged prostitution, contact our team of attorneys in Grapevine for legal assistance.

What is Online Promotion of Prostitution in Grapevine?

Texas Penal Code Section 43.031 contains the definition and penalties for the online promotion of prostitution. A person can be charged with a third-degree felony if they run an online service that furthers or promotes the prostitution of another individual. A conviction for a third-degree felony means that a person could spend as many as 10 years in jail, but the court can also impose a $10,000 fine.

If the accused has been convicted for online solicitation of prostitution before, or the enterprise involves a minor, the alleged offense will be enhanced to a second-degree felony, punishable up to 20 year’s incarceration and fines.

If you are facing prostitution charges of any kind, you need a Grapevine lawyer familiar with the state’s prostitution laws and the distinct legal challenges you are up against. Contact our office so we can begin building your personalized defense.

What Are Possible Defenses to a Prostitution Charge?

Our Grapevine lawyers can evaluate the details of someone’s prostitution charges and construct a tailored defense strategy. There is a wide range of defenses that may be used against prostitution charges.

Sometimes, there may be insufficient evidence to support a prostitution charge. Remember, the prosecution must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt to reach a conviction. If there is any doubt that the accused party engaged in prostitution, it may be possible to mitigate the charges against them or even request a dismissal.

Get in Touch with a Grapevine Prostitution Attorney

A Grapevine prostitution lawyer with Varghese Summersett can answer your legal questions and discuss your defense based on the facts of your situation. Our office provides a free consultation to evaluate your case and help you better understand your legal options. Call our office today to speak with our team.

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