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Criminal cases involving charges against a minor can present unique challenges and require the skills of an experienced juvenile defense. If your child is facing criminal charges, a Grapevine juvenile defense lawyer can assist you. Even if your child is charged as a minor, they can still face devastating penalties in the event of a conviction. Our team of criminal defense attorneys will guide you through the legal process and fight diligently for a successful outcome.

Common Juvenile Charges

A juvenile is a child younger than 17 but not younger than 10. If the person charged with a crime is 17, they will be tried as an adult. Further, if the accused had since turned 17 but was 16 or younger when the alleged offense occurred, they can may be prosecuted as a juvenile in many instances. Our Grapevine defense attorneys can represent a juvenile facing a wide range of criminal charges, such as drug possession, murder, sex crimes, theft, and assault.

Possible Legal Punishments

Depending on the crime an adolescent is charged with, they can face stringent punishments. Possible legal sanctions can include lengthy incarceration, fines, probation, and community service.

Legal Process for an Adolescent Defendant

If a juvenile is accused of a crime and the police have probable cause to believe that the minor committed the alleged act, they will carry out an arrest. Texas Family Code Section 52.02 governs what happens after an arrest of a juvenile. First, it requires that the child, without “unnecessary delay” be: released to a parent, brought before the juvenile court if there is probable cause to believe the child needs supervision or violated a condition of probation, or brought to a juvenile detention center. Section 51.03(b) lays out “delinquent conduct” that can result in an arrest, even if it is not generally an arrestable criminal offense, including huffing, using alcohol in violation of school policy, and sexting.

When the juvenile is taken to a detention center rather than being given over to the custody of a parent, a probable cause hearing must take place within two days. If the arrest occurs on a Friday or weekend, the hearing must occur on the first working day after detention.

There is no bail for juvenile offenses. Instead the court must release the child unless it finds:

  1. The child is likely to abscond;
  2. There is no adequate supervision available if released;
  3. There is no responsible adult to return the juvenile to court when required;
  4. The child is a danger to himself or others; or
  5. The child has been previously been found delinquent or convicted as is likely to reoffend.

If your child has been arrested or has an upcoming court date in juvenile court, you must contact our Grapevine attorneys as soon as possible. Our attorneys will fight for your child’s release and aggressively defend your child in court.

Contact a Grapevine Juvenile Defense Attorney

If your child has been arrested for a crime, you need to speak with a Grapevine juvenile defense lawyer at Varghese Summersett. Our team of attorneys can work hard to achieve a favorable court adjudication and provide continuous support at all phases of your child’s case. Schedule your free consultation with our legal team today.

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