First Time Offenses: What Happens the First Time You are Arrested?

First Time Offenses

Benson Varghese discusses his approach to cases where the person charged has never been arrested or convicted of an offense before.

Video Transcript:

When a first-time offender contacts us or when their parent contacts us, we walk them through the potential outcomes of a case. And although for a criminal offense, jail or prison time is always a legal possibility, other than Class C offenses, we are trying to do more than keep them out of jail or keep them out of prison. For a first time offender, it is very important for us to secure an outcome that does not leave a conviction on their record. That might be done through a certain type of probation in Texas called deferred adjudication, and it might be done by negotiating a dismissal, either for conditions that are completed up front or by getting them into a diversion program meant for first-time offenders.

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