What Is An Affidavit Of Non-Prosecution In Texas? | Dropping Charges [2023]

affidavit of non-prosecution in Texas

What is an Affidavit of Nonprosecution? An affidavit of nonprosecution is a written statement in Texas wherein a victim of an alleged crime declares their desire not to press charges against the accused. Although this document can be considered by the prosecutor, it does not guarantee the case will be dismissed, as the decision to […]

Juror Misconduct in Texas (2023) | Expert Legal Guidance

juror misconduct in texas

Juror misconduct occurs when a juror engages in conduct that violates the rules or ethical standards of a court, compromising the integrity of a fair trial. This behavior can take several forms, from improper communication to outside influence, potentially affecting the outcome of a case. Types of Juror Misconduct Communication with external parties: Jurors may […]

Contact Visits for Texas Inmates (2023) | Rules and Regulations

contact visits for texas inmates

What are Contact Visits in Texas Prisons? Contact visits for Texas inmates are face-to-face meetings between inmates and their loved ones without physical barriers, allowing for limited physical contact. In Texas, both jails and prisons have specific rules and regulations governing contact visits, including eligibility criteria, scheduling, and procedures. Eligibility for Contact Visits for Texas […]

What if the Police Find My Name in a Drug Dealer’s Phone?

name in a drug dealer's phone

What Happens if Your Name is Found in a Drug Dealer’s Phone? If the police find your name on a drug dealer’s phone in Texas, it does not necessarily mean that you will be charged with a crime. However, it could potentially make you a person of interest in a police investigation. Here are some […]

Donald Trump Indictment Explained

Trump Indictment Explained

April 4, 2023 Update: Donald-J-Trump-Indictment Former President Donald Trump’s indictment is for 34 counts of falsifying business records. A count can be any unique manner and means to commit an offense. In other words, it is not that the indictment alleges 34 unique offenses in the way most people would understand an offense. Instead, each […]

Intensive Day Treatment in Texas (2023)

intensive day treatment

Understanding Intensive Day Treatment Programs Intensive Day Treatment (IDT) programs in Tarrant County provide an alternative sentencing option for eligible individuals charged with certain criminal offenses. These programs are designed to rehabilitate and reintegrate individuals into society by addressing underlying issues such as substance abuse, mental and behavioral health, and behavioral problems. IDT programs are […]

Conduct Indicating a Need for Supervision | Juvenile Defense

Fort Worth CINS juvenile attorney

What is Conduct Indicating a Need for Supervision in Texas? Conduct indicating a need for supervision, or CINS, involves a fine-only offense other than a traffic violation. If your child is facing a juvenile violation in Tarrant County, contact an experienced Fort Worth CINS juvenile attorney. CINS violations often require varying levels of probation but […]

What is the Texas Abortion Law? (2023)

texas abortion law

Texas Abortion Law The Texas abortion law prohibits physicians from performing abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected. The Texas Heartbeat Bill became state law with a trigger in place that subjected it to a Supreme Court ruling which has now effectively enabled it. This legislation went into effect on September 1, 2021, sparking heated […]

Evidence in Juvenile Cases: What is It and Who Has Access?

Evidence in juvenile cases

The most interesting part about any case is the evidence. This is especially true when a child is facing juvenile delinquency charges.  The first question on the minds of most parents, guardians, or loved ones of a juvenile facing charges is: What evidence is there and what proof exists that the juvenile committed the offense […]

Illegal Internet Search Attorney (2023) | Best Texas Defense

illegal internet search attorney

When Is An Internet Search Illegal in Texas? Google averaged 8.5 billion searches a day in 2022. That’s nearly 100,000 Internet searches every second. Anyone with a smartphone – just about everyone these days – has the information superhighway at their fingertips and access to almost anything. We search everything from directions to a restaurant […]