What is a Federal Sentencing Memorandum? (2023)

federal sentencing memorandum

What is a Federal Sentencing Memorandum? Criminal defense attorneys write a federal sentencing memorandum to help persuade the judge that the lowest-possible sentence is appropriate at a federal sentencing hearing. It can be one of the most impactful things a federal practitioner does and often carries a lot of weight with the judge. The memorandum, […]

Can Police Search My Phone During a Texas Traffic Stop? (2023)

can police search my phone

Can police search my phone during a Texas traffic stop? Technology continues to change our world at lightning speed. The emergence of smartphones, for example, has put the power of a computer in nearly every adult’s hands across the globe. While technology has often led to alterations and updates to our laws, one important tenant […]

The Effect of Coronavirus on Criminal Cases in Texas (15 Observations)

The Effect of Coronavirus on Criminal Cases in Texas (15 Observations)

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly had an effect on criminal cases in Texas. If you’ve wondered what types of cases are on the rise, whether criminal cases are being resolved, or if individuals charged with offenses are retaining attorneys, this article is for you. Considering that the Supreme Court of Texas has issued its Twenty-Second […]

Nondisclosure of Criminal Records in TX [Fort Worth Nondisclosure Lawyer]

Nondisclosure of Criminal Records in TX [Fort Worth Nondisclosure Lawyer]

What is Nondisclosure of a Criminal Case? A non-disclosure is a court order that prevents public entities, including police, prosecutors, and court clerks, from disclosing or releasing arrest and case information to the general public. The charge is sealed from public view and it will not show up on most background checks. People who receive […]

Capital Punishment: The State of the Death Penalty in Tarrant County and Texas

Metal bars of a prison cell with chipping paint

Seeking the death penalty is an enormous expense, particularly after fairly recent changes in the law that require the testing of all the evidence in a death penalty case – a change that came about after DNA and other scientific evidence led to exonerations. Since 2015, Tarrant County juries have been asked to sentence someone […]

Tarrant County Criminal Courts Have Reopened: What You Need to Know

Going to criminal court at the Tim Curry Justice Center

Tarrant County Criminal Courts have reopened. The Office of Court Administration published Tarrant County’s approved safety plan on Friday, June 5, giving county officials the green light to get back to business. So what will this mean for defendants, attorneys and visitors? Here’s an overview of the plan and answers to some frequently asked questions. […]