The First Step Act: What You Need to Know

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In the past  months, hundreds of inmates have been released early from federal prison. Some of the released prisoners were elderly or ill, but most were just non-violent offenders who have exhibited good behavior behind bars. They are the early beneficiaries of the First Step Act, a new law aimed at ending mass incarceration, reducing […]

Tarrant County Magistration | Arraignment | How Long to Make Bond?

Tarrant County District Attorneys Office

Changes in Tarrant County Magistration For many years, bonds in Tarrant County were set by municipal magistrates throughout the county. This meant individuals in different cities could receive vastly different bond amounts based on where they were arrested and which magistrate was on duty at the time. The process had its advantages – bonds were […]

Arrests in Texas | When Can Officers Make an Arrest? | Lawful Arrests

arrests in Texas

You would think defining “arrest” would be a simple task, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are police encounters, which are distinguishable from police stops, detentions, and arrests. Crossing the line from a detention to an arrest is very fact specific. There are two general premises that are not seriously disputed: officers […]

Immigration Consequences for Non-Citizens Facing Criminal Charges

  Certain criminal convictions can have immigration consequences such as deportation, denial of admission or naturalization for any non-citizen. A defendant’s particular category of non-citizenship may affect the specific consequences of an arrest or conviction. What Are the Categories of Non-Citizens? Legal Permanent Residents, also known as “Green Card holders” Visa Holders include individuals in […]

Early Release Probation in Texas | Early Release Deferred Adjudication

Early Release from Probation

Community supervision for criminal offenses in Texas takes two forms: straight probation and deferred adjudication. More than 380,000 adults are on probation in Texas. This article discusses early release from probation and deferred adjudication in Texas. What is Early Release Probation? For most offenses, early release from probation or deferred adjudication is possible. However, you will […]

A Prosecutor’s Duty to Disclose: The Rules Governing Misconduct

The Duty to Disclose Prosecutorial misconduct made the news again recently. Earlier this month, District Judge James Shoemake upheld complaints of prosecutorial misconduct against Harris County prosecutor Beth Shipley Exley. In doing so, Judge Shoemake recommended that the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals grant a new trial for Edward George McGregor, a convicted murderer serving […]

Stages of the Criminal Process | What to Expect at Criminal Court Settings

If you are under investigation, the criminal process has already begun. This article covers the typical stages of a criminal case in Texas. One of the most common questions we get is, “What should I expect during a court setting?” If you have never been to a criminal court before (excluding traffic tickets) or if […]

State Jail Diligent Participation Credit | Early Release

State Jail Diligent Participation Credit Texas currently has 19 state jails housing approximately 9,500 state-jail offenders. Under Penal Code Section 12.35, a person serving time for a state-jail felony may be punished for no more than 2 years, but not less than 180 days, with a fine of up to $10,000. Although the Texas Code […]

What Should You Do if You are Stopped by the Police?

We’ve all done it: looked down nervously at our speedometer when we see an officer on the roadway behind us, or panicked slightly when an officer actually pulls us over. Did you know that your legal rights changed based on the level of interaction a police officer has with you? Did you know, that unlike […]